Super mode

Video game concept

Player character can somehow enter some "super mode" in which their performance at various common tasks becomes far greater.


Alternate name: Super transformation

The first video game about Super mode was released on August 1994.

Capcom, THQ and Bethesda Softworks has published most of these games

This usually has significant limits on when it can be used or is otherwise detrimental.

Unlike rage, the activation method of super mode is not defined at all (e.g. can activate from pickups, combo moves, specific button, etc.), only that it imparts bonuses that are far greater, possibly even game breakingly so. Some instances of rage can overlap perfectly with super mode however.

Common effects:
* Massive damage bonuses, normal mobs tend to explode from slightest touch
* Invulnerability or extreme damage resistance

Unlike rage this does not normally dissipate over time from lack of use as it commonly either have limited use to begin with or is triggered by specific items. For example it could be activated at any time you desire but it drains your health, it could activate from a power-up any time you find one, you could have a super meter that is difficult to charge up but remains at its current level as long as the super mode isn't in use and drains away while active, and so forth.
* Rage


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