Amiga AGA

Made in USA by Commodore in 1992
Uses the new AGA graphic chipset, that made available 256 colors mode, 256K colors HAM8 mode and higher resolutions.

AGA means Advanced Graphics Architecture, was a big improvement over the OCS chip set, but the chip design was still lacking a real graphic mode called "chunky" that was needed to make fast games like the "everyone wants to play it" [[game:Doom]].

tech info

resolution: 320 x 256 x 256 colors, 640 x 512 x 256 colors, 24 bit palette
memory: 2Mb CHIP
CPU: 68020 minimum
GFX: CSG 391227-01 'Lisa', graphic coprocessor 'Alice'
sound: MOS 8364R4 'Paula' 4 channels 8bit stereo

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