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issue 15

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
OnslaughtAtari ST1989-1295/10095%
North & SouthAmiga OCS1989-1292/10092%
InterphaseAmiga OCS1989-1290/10090%
InterphaseAtari ST1989-1290/10090%
Battle Squadron: The Destruction of The Barrax EmpireAmiga OCS1989-1287/10087%
1943: The Battle of MidwayAmiga OCS1989-1280/10080%
M1 Tank PlatoonMS-DOS1989-1290/10090%
Life & DeathMS-DOS1989-1281/10081%
Power DriftAmiga OCS1989-1252/10052%
Rally Cross ChallengeAmiga OCS1989-1292/10092%
Rally Cross ChallengeAtari ST1989-1292/10092%
Rock 'n RollAmiga OCS1989-1292/10092%
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunMS-DOS1989-1288/10088%
XenophobeAmiga OCS1989-1269/10069%
XenophobeAtari ST1989-1269/10069%
Terry's Big AdventureAtari ST1989-1253/10053%
Terry's Big AdventureAmiga OCS1989-1253/10053%
Mines of TitanMS-DOS1989-1279/10079%
James Clavell's ShōgunMS-DOS1989-1285/10085%
Arthur: The Quest for ExcaliburMS-DOS1989-1286/10086%
The Faery Tale Adventure: Book IAmiga OCS1989-1280/10080%
The Faery Tale Adventure: Book IMS-DOS1989-1283/10083%
Toobin'Amiga OCS1989-1258/10058%
StormlordAmiga OCS1989-1292/10092%
Tank AttackAmiga OCS1989-1245/10045%
Tank AttackAtari ST1989-1245/10045%
Roller Coaster RumblerAmiga OCS1989-1241/10041%
Roller Coaster RumblerMS-DOS1989-1254/10054%
Fighting SoccerAmiga OCS1989-1278/10078%
Barbarian: The Ultimate WarriorAmiga OCS1989-1284/10084%
SlayerAmiga OCS1989-1255/10055%
PaperboyAtari ST1989-1270/10070%
Aspar GP MasterMS-DOS1989-1271/10071%
Aspar GP MasterAmiga OCS1989-1268/10068%
Aspar GP MasterAtari ST1989-1265/10065%
Knight ForceMS-DOS1989-1272/10072%
Knight ForceAmiga OCS1989-1259/10059%
Chambers of ShaolinAmiga OCS1989-1286/10086%
Chambers of ShaolinAtari ST1989-1286/10086%
Action FighterAmiga OCS1989-1269/10069%
Action FighterMS-DOS1989-1269/10069%
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