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issue 10

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Forgotten WorldsAmiga OCS1989-0696/10096%
Forgotten WorldsAtari ST1989-0694/10094%
Millennium 2.2Amiga OCS1989-0689/10089%
Millennium 2.2Atari ST1989-0687/10087%
Lords of the Rising SunAmiga OCS1989-0690/10090%
Grand Monster SlamAmiga OCS1989-0669/10069%
PowerdromeAmiga OCS1989-0693/10093%
Blood MoneyAmiga OCS1989-0695/10095%
SkweekAmiga OCS1989-0683/10083%
Run the GauntletAtari ST1989-0655/10055%
Run the GauntletAmiga OCS1989-0651/10051%
The Running ManAmiga OCS1989-0670/10070%
The Running ManAtari ST1989-0666/10066%
Chicago 30'sAtari ST1989-0640/10040%
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon NinjaAtari ST1989-0655/10055%
Sinbad and the Throne of the FalconMS-DOS1989-0689/10089%
Kick OffAtari ST1989-0685/10085%
Kick OffAmiga OCS1989-0689/10089%
Dark SideAmiga OCS1989-0687/10087%
Dark SideAtari ST1989-0686/10086%
Abrams Battle TankMS-DOS1989-0658/10058%
AirballAmiga OCS1989-0688/10088%
Airborne RangerAtari ST1989-0678/10078%
Airborne RangerMS-DOS1989-0678/10078%
Battlehawks 1942Amiga OCS1989-0672/10072%
Battlehawks 1942Atari ST1989-0673/10073%
Bio ChallengeAmiga OCS1989-0680/10080%
Bio ChallengeAtari ST1989-0677/10077%
Cybernoid II: The RevengeAmiga OCS1989-0668/10068%
Cybernoid II: The RevengeAtari ST1989-0668/10068%
Mayday SquadAmiga OCS1989-0641/10041%
Mayday SquadMS-DOS1989-0647/10047%
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and LowAmiga OCS1989-0660/10060%
BeamAmiga OCS1989-0673/10073%
NightdawnAmiga OCS1989-0670/10070%
Altered BeastMega Drive1989-0687/10087%
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted CastleMega Drive1989-0682/10082%
Space Harrier IIMega Drive1989-0685/10085%
The KristalAmiga OCS1989-0690/10090%
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelAmiga OCS1989-0648/10048%
Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's InceptionAmiga OCS1989-0681/10081%
Gold Rush!Atari ST1989-0689/10089%
Gold Rush!MS-DOS1989-0673/10073%
Gold Rush!Amiga OCS1989-0687/10087%
Might and Magic: Book One - Secret of the Inner SanctumMS-DOS1989-0668/10068%
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