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Anno 1701 - The Sunken Dragon (1701 A.D. - The Sunken Dragon;Anno 1701 - Der Fluch des Drachens)  Aspyr Media;Sunflowers (Related Designs)2007Windows
Anno 1701 (1701 A.D.)  Aspyr Media;Sunflowers (Related Designs)2006Windows
Cargo – The Quest for Gravity  bitComposer Games;Viva Media (Ice-pick Lodge)2011Windows
Carrier Command  Rainbird (Realtime Games Software)1989ZX Spectrum 128
Carrier Command  Rainbird;Mirror Image;Kixx (Realtime Games Software)1988Amiga
Carrier Command  Rainbird;Mirror Image (Realtime Games Software)1988Atari ST
Carrier Command  Rainbird (Rainbird)1989Amstrad CPC
Carrier Command  MicroPlay Software (Realtime Games Software)1989MS-DOS
Carrier Command Microplay (Realtime Games Software)1989Mac OS Classic
Carrier Command  Rainbird (Realtime Games Software)1990C64
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission  Mastertronic (Bohemia Interactive)2012X360
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (CCGM)  Bohemia Interactive (Bohemia Interactive)2012Windows
Far Cry (FarCry;FC)  Ubisoft (Crytek)2004Windows
Krafteers - Tomb Defenders  Deonn Games (Deonn Games)2012Android
Xenus II: White Gold (Xenus II: Белое золото;Xenus II: Beloe zoloto;White Gold: War in Paradise;Xenus 2)  Russobit-M (Deep Shadows)2008Windows