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Mortal Kombat 3 (真人快打3)  Midway;Sony Computer Entertainment (Midway)1995 digitizedimages graphicdeaths mortalkombat psychicpowers rating-esrb-m uvl-imagequality
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (Kain the Vampire)  Crystal Dynamics;Activision (Silicon Knights)1996 actionadventure antiheroprotagonist bleak darkfantasy gothic healthdraining highbornprotagonist legacyofkain nosgoth rating-esrb-m revenge serious unusualprotagonist vampireprotagonist vampires weaponplot
The Hive  Trimark1996 rating-esrb-m
Alien Trilogy  Acclaim Entertainment (Probe)1996 1life 22ndcentury aimassist alienfranchise aliens alone androids assaultrifles automap bombs dark deathpits difficulty explosiveobjects extraterrestrial femaleprotagonist firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future handguns indoors limitedsupplies middleprojection missionbased movie naturalistic parasites radar rating-esrb-m restorepower rewardingvandalism savepoints secrets serious shotguns spacefaringage splatter thermalweapons
Psychic Detective  Electronic Arts1996 psychics rating-esrb-m
Resident Evil (BioHazard;バイオハザード)  Capcom (Capcom Entertainment)1996 ♫moonlightsonata 1990s 20thcentury actionadventure ammomagazines capacity-slots city earth everyonesdead fictionalcity fictionallocation firearms genderchoice injuries inventory latemodernperiod limitedcapacity lutris meleeweapons northamerica outbreak platinum prerenderedbackgrounds present rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m rating-sell-12 rating-sell-18 residentevil residentevil-main savepoints savetokens serious stationaryattack survivalhorror undeadanimals unnecessarykilling usa zombieapocalypse zombies
Die Hard Trilogy  Fox Interactive;Ubi Soft;Electronic Arts Victor (Probe Entertainment)1996 diehardfranchise greatesthits mouse movie platinum rating-elspa-18 rating-esrb-m rating-sell-18
Mortal Kombat Trilogy  Midway;GT Interactive (Avalanche Software)1996 digitizedimages gore mortalkombat platinum psychicpowers rating-esrb-m
Final Doom  Williams;GT Interactive (Virgin Interactive Entertainment)1996 22ndcentury backtracking claymation cloakednpcs demonicinvasion demons doom-series earth elevators energyweapons findexit firearms firstpersonshooter healthpickups hitscan io megacorps militantprotagonist monsters moon mouse nojumping noreloading npcstrife plasmaweapons powerups rating-esrb-m rockets rotaryguns sciencefantasy secrets shotguns walking walkingarmory
Broken Helix (ブロークンヘリックス)  Konami (Konami)1996 rating-esrb-m
Re-Loaded (Reloaded)  Interplay;Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Interactive Limited)1996 premadecharacters rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 wasteland
CodeName: Tenka (Lifeforce Tenka)  Psygnosis;SCEE (Psygnosis)1997 airducts cyborgs indoors rating-esrb-m robots
Hexen (Hexen: Beyond Heretic;ヘクセン)  GT Interactive (Raven Software)1997 centauroids classbased classbasedeq demonicmenace fantasyworld fictionaluniverse firstpersonshooter fortress ghosts heretichexen magic magicartefacts magicweapons meleeweapons monsters npcstrife potions premadecharacters rating-bbfc-12 rating-esrb-m sorcery wetland
Maximum Force (Maximum Force: Pull the Trigger)  Midway;GT Interactive (Mesa Logic;Perfect Entertainment)1997 konamijustifier-addon rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m rating-usk-18
Lethal Enforcers I & II (Arcade Classics Lethal Enforcers I & II; Lethal Enforcers Deluxe Pack)  Konami (Konami)1997 konamijustifier-addon lethalenforcers lightgun rating-esrb-m
Spawn: The Eternal  Sony Computer Entertainment (Sony Computer Entertainment)1997 imagecomics rating-esrb-m spawn
Diablo (ディアブロ)  Electronic Arts (Blizzard;Climax Group)1998 actionrpg adv-ptdistr armyofone attrbasedeq automap bleak bludgeons bossbattles bows cacophonicvoice capacity-slots caprinoids chargers classbased classlinkedgender cliffhanger constrainedlocale crossworldcharacters dark-limited darkfantasy darkknights demonicinvasion demons diablo diablolike elitemobs endlessconflict energyitems evilwins gargoyles gloomy goblinoids graverobbing healingitems healingstations healthbuffer hell hellscape heroprotagonist humanoidanimals inorganics inventory itemgenerator itemidentification jewelry knockback leveluprestoration limitedcapacity magic magic-instant mapgenerator meleeweapons minimap monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative naga neutralmonsters obstacletranslucification openclassing optionaltasks playerprofiles potions premadecharacters presetmaps quitsave rating-esrb-m recallportal restorativegluttony safezone selfluminance sequelhook serious shopping singlesave skeletons socketables sorcery subterranean summoning swords taskgenerator teleporting titlementioned titularcharacter tooltips town tragicending undead unknownpast voiceovers xp-kills zombies
Deathtrap Dungeon  Eidos (Asylum Studios)1998 actionadventure rating-esrb-m
Forsaken  Acclaim (Probe Entertainment)1998 firstpersonshooter rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-m
Mortal Kombat 4 (真人快打4)  Midway;GT Interactive (Eurocom)1998 gore graphicdeaths mortalkombat psychicpowers rating-bbfc-18 rating-esrb-m
Cardinal Syn  Sony Computer Entertainment (Kronos)1998 rating-esrb-m
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill  GT Interactive (n-Space)1998 dukenukem rating-esrb-m
Metal Gear Solid (MGS)  Konami (Konami;Tose)1998 alternatetimeline biotechnology cc earth greatesthits killerapp magicalrealism metalgear minimap platinum radar rating-adese-16 rating-cero-c rating-esrb-m rating-sell-16 stealth
Carmageddon  Virgin (SCi)1999 carmageddon demolitionderby rating-esrb-m unrestrictedviolence
Silent Hill (サイレントヒル)  Konami (Team Silent;Konami)1999 bleak bookends dark-limited dimensionaltravel earth fog foundmaps gps grotesque handguns healingitems isolatedhabitat isolatedlocale knives lamp latemodernperiod lensflare limitedsupplies maleprotagonist monsters multipleendings northamerica overcast parallelreality paranormal parentprotagonist present protectioncomplex psychologicalhorror rating-esrb-m serious silenthill stationaryattack survivalhorror titularlocale town urbanfantasy weather-persistent