Countdown Vampires

published by Bandai in 2000-08-22, developed by K2C, running on PlayStation
type: adventure, action/reflex
genre: Survival horror
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng

Official descriptions (2)

In Countdown Vampires, you play Keith Snyder, a tattooed celebrity bodyguard who has come to the ritzy Desert Moon Hotel on New Year's Eve 1999. When a fire starts in the hotel, the ceiling sprinklers go off. Rather than spray water, they drop an oozing dark liquid all over the glamorous guests. This liquid, whatever it is, turns the other guests into vampires. Now it's your job to find an antidote while fending off preying bloodsuckers, flesh-eating zombies, and bone-crushing monsters. Through the game you'll explore eight different locations--from woodland areas to bars to casino floors--to solve the mystery.
# 2017-05-12 17:27:41 - official description
The survival horror genre has a scary new addition, with Countdown Vampires. With a story similar to the movie Blade and gameplay similar to Resident Evil, this game is definitely worth checking out. You play a bodyguard named Keith who is at a New Years Eve Party in Las Vegas. As the countdown to midnight begins, the partygoers are mysteriously turned into vampires, and its up to Keith to take them out.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a multiple disc set.
R2D2-A - # 2007-04-13 07:04:54 - official description

Technical specs

display: _ (mixed), raster, textured polygons

External reviews (2) - average: 47.5%

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Joypad 73-222fr942000-025/1050%

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Countdown Vampires (PlayStation)
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