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Mega Man 3

a.k.a. Mega Man III / Rockman 3: Dr Wily no Saigo! / ロックマン3 Dr.ワイリーの最期!?

published by Capcom / Nintendo in 1990-09-28, developed by Capcom, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: platformer, shooter
genre: Science Fiction
series: Mega Man
setting: Future
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Personal review
The third and, arguably, the best of Mega Man's NES adventures. Somewhat unique in that it features at least cameo appearences by every "boss" robot seen in the series to date - not only the eight new ones created for this game, but you get a rematch of sorts with the MM2 crowd (via the Doc Robot stages, where you battle a shadowy simulacrum several times as it adopts their powers), and the cast from the original MM game appears in the game's ending. At 18 stages total, it's also the longest of the NES series. This game also introduced Rush the Robo-Dog and Proto Man (the latter as "Break Man," who interrupts the stages every so often to briefly battle you). A must-own!

(From the Instruction Manual)
"Calling Mega Man! Calling Mega Man! Come in please!"

"Mega Man, we need you! We're down to the wire on our-peace-keeping project. We've got to get those last energy crystals or we can't finish it. Dr. Wily is here now, too ... Yes ... he's finally found his sanity. He knows where the crystals are! They're in the mining worlds, but we can't get to 'em. The robots are running amok and they're destroying everything!"

You've got to get there, Mega Man, and get those crystals! You'll face some pretty mean metal. Expect the worst! Is Rush there with you? Give him a bolt to chew on and tell him it's from us. What's that -- we must be getting static -- sounds like you said 'Woof!'"

"Mega Man, get to those mining worlds pronto! Grab the crystals and stop whoever's in charge!. He's one lunatic guy!"

"This is Dr. Light. Over and out!"
# 2004-05-29 14:30:01
Official descriptions (2)
In the year 200X, the notorious Dr. Wily, now reformed and working for the forces of good, works hand-in-hand with Dr. Light to build a new type of peacekeeping robot. When a new set of eight Robot Masters escapes the lab to wreak havoc on the world at large, only Mega Man can save the day. This time, Mega Man must rely on his new slide move and canine companion Rush to conquer the stages and vanquish evil. A new character, Proto Man, adds to the mystery and appeal of this seminal title in the famous action-game series.
# 2008-11-13 23:52:31 - official description
Battle your way through a mad onslaught of crazed machinery. The Robot Masters pour on more insane weapons than you can believe! They clank, buzz, crawl, shoot, and blast from every direction. Explore every room and corridor. Climb every ladder. Dodge, slide, leap, and fire to blast your attackers or at least get away!

You start the round with 3 chances to make it through. Watch your Energy Meter at the top left corner of the screen. Your energy drains away as you take the crushing blows your foes dish out. Good thing you've got a steel noggin!

Pickup Energy Tanks, Energy Pellets, and Surprise Boxes to gain back energy and chances. When your energy runs out, you lost one chance and the round ends. If you have chances left, you'll start again.

Keep going! Destroy all the robot fiends in this level, and you'll face the diabolical Robot Master. His Energy Meter appears to the right of yours, so you can keep an eye on who's winning!

If you lose all your chances, the game ends. But if you demolish the Robot Master, you gain his weapons and capture the energy crystals from his world. Then you can take on the next maniac!
# 2004-05-29 14:30:01 - official description
Technical specs
display: raster
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Joypad 1-72fr111992-0893/10093%
Player Onefr221992-0793/10093%
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Mega Man 3 in-game screen.
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Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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