Altered genre

Game genre concept

Takes a known genre and changes it in a way that it is no longer correctly described as it despite having identifiable elements from it.


The first video game about Altered genre was released in 1975.

Stabyourself, 11 bit studios and Perpetual Pyramid has published most of these games

These may be simply unique instances of a genre or first in a so far unnamed sub-genre.

Best case scenario is that no games stay tagged with this forever.


Linux 21
Mac OS X 3
Windows 3
Atari 400/800 2
Apple II E 2
Tandy Coco 2
Altair 8800 2
Intellivision 1
Odyssey2 1
Arcade 1
Atari 2600 1
Sharp MZ 1
Mac OS Classic 1
Casio PV-1000 1
ColecoVision 1

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