Video game concept

Player can, under certain circumstances, re-allocate any points, xp, or whatever else describes their advancement to try a different kind of character without having to start the whole game over.


Alternate names: Character reset
Name variations: Redistribution, Reallocation

The first video game about Respecialization was released in 1994.

2K Games, THQ and 505 Games has published most of these games

See also: protagonist redesigning (redesigning the appearance)
Often costs the player character something, such as a notable sum of money, part of the advancement points or experience, or adds some other slightly detrimental thing. Will likely retain whatever they decided when they created their character the first time, though. Such as gender, appearance and base character attributes. Likely break in realism, this helps people who make choices early on and don't want to live with them and would rather start a new game (or give up) than continue.

Does not normally cover actually changing your class as well, but there are few cases where it is a side effect. Class change is usually possible depending on at what stage class is selected and if class affects your appearance. If it changes appearance, class change is unlikely to be possible with respec, if it doesn't, then it likely is.