Worldscale is smaller

Video game concept

The player can interact with the game world in a scale relatively and significantly different from human. In this case, as if they were smaller.


The first video game about Worldscale is smaller was released in 1983.

Nintendo, Amanita Design and Krillbite Studio has published most of these games

Note that there may not actually be any shrinking or expanding involved. For instance, a player is just small by nature and placed in a large world. For example: insectprotagonist.
Smaller World Scale
Larger World Scale
Shrinking Protagonist
Growing protagonist
Insect Protagonist
Amphibian protagonist
Baby protagonist (only if the game empasises the baby's point of view)
Crustacean protagonist (if small)
Fae protagonist (if small)
Fish protagonist (if smaller than a dolphin)
Rabbit protagonist The protagonist is a hare, rabbit or pika. 24 games Creatures themes
animal protagonist (if small)
Mouse protagonist
Rodent protagonist
Spider protagonist
Worm protagonist

See also: lilliputian

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World Scale


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