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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath (Command and Conquer 3: La Fureur de Kane;CnC3KW)  Electronic Arts (EA Los Angeles)2008Windows
Divinity: Dragon Commander  Larian Studios (Larian Studios)2013Windows
Freedom Fighters  Electronic Arts (IO Interactive)2003Windows
Freedom Fighters  Electronic Arts (IO Interactive)2003PS2
Freedom Fighters  Electronic Arts (IO Interactive)2003Xbox
Freedom Fighters  Electronic Arts (IO Interactive)2003GameCube
Ground Control II: Operation Exodus (GC2;Ground Control 2)  Vivendi Universal;Sierra (Massive Entertainment)2004Windows
Supreme Commander (SupCom)  THQ (Gas Powered Games)2007Windows
TA3D author (author)?Linux
Total Annihilation (TA;OTA)  GT Interactive (Cavedog Entertainment)1997Windows