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Ultima VII: The Black Gate (Ultima 7;The Forge of Virtue)  author (Origin;author)? ♫flightofthebumblebee ♫rulebritannia alcohol aliens apples axes ballistics bees blackpearls bludgeons bows capacity-stacks capacity-volume capacity-weight captives carts chapel cheese chosenone city cooking crafting crates crt-static crteffects demons domesticcats drills-rig drugs engineremake femaleprotagonist fictionalelement firearms firearms-early forest fromanotherworld garlic genderchoice giantinsects goldbars goldnuggets ineptveteran jewelry juggernauts knives lagomorphs limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magicrings magicweapons meleeweapons mice monsters multipleendings npcschedules otherworld parrots pirates polearms present prostitutes pumpkin refwizardofoz riding ruins sdl seamlessworld sheep shopping sorcery subterranean swords thrownweapons town trash ultima ultima7-engine ultimaageofarmageddon unicorns whips willowisps xp-deeds xp-kills
Max Payne  Take 2 Interactive (Remedy Entertainment)2001 ammomagazines apartmentbuilding armyofone assaultrifles atlastmoment autosavepoints aybabtu bullettime city comiccutscenes containers crimefiction difficulty dodging doors dualwielding falselyaccused firearms gameplayinn gangsters grenades grounddiving handguns healingitems hotel incendiarygrenades jumping lawenforcerprotagonist maxfx-engine maxpayne-series meninblack movie naturalistic neutralnpcs noir organizedcrime personalquest precisionrifles purpleprose rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m restorepower rewardingvandalism rooftops saveanywhere shotguns slaughterhouse slowmotion submachineguns subway titlementioned titularcharacter tutorial vigilanteprotagonist walking wintery
Gun Metal (GUNMETAL)  Rage Software;Majesco (Rage Software)2002 alieninvasion energyshields energyweapons exoticweapons firearms future guidedweapons mecha multienvcraft otherworld rockets transformation
The Thing (Das Ding aus einer anderen Welt;突变怪物;Нечто;Yuusei kara no Buttai X: Episode II;La Cosa)  Black Label Games (Computer Artworks)2002 achillesheelfoes actionadventure amalgams ambienttemperature antarctica atlastmoment bodyhorror bossbattles conspiracy constrainedlocale damageovertime doppelgangers earth firearms flamethrowers gore grenades grotesque group humanexperiments humanmonsters hypothermia latemodernperiod metamorphosis militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters movie naturalhazards npcanxiety parasites present rating-esrb-m researchfacility savepoints serious shapeshifters suicide survivalhorror temporarycompanions thermalweapons thething unusualprotagonist voiceovers wintery
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (HMSA)  Eidos (IO Interactive)2002 ♫mozartturkishmarch assassinating assassinprotagonist clandestine eliteprotagonist firearms glacier1engine hitman-series naturalistic rating-esrb-m rating-sell-16 secretmission serious stealth stealthgame suppressors walkingarmory
BloodRayne  Majesco (Terminal Reality)2002 1930s 20thcentury actionadventure aircontrol autoaim bloodrayne capturedresources cemetery combatstilettos dismemberment dodging dualwielding fanservice femaleprotagonist firearms flood gore grotesque handguns healthdraining hybridprotagonist jigglephysics jumping katar lasso meatshield meleeweapons mundanedangers nazis parasites rage sequence-chase shallowwater shotguns slowmotion splatter titlementioned titularcharacter unusualprotagonist vampireprotagonist vampires visionmodes walking wetland
Ghost Recon (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon)  Ubi Soft (Red Storm Entertainment)2002 classbased firearms firstpersonshooter ghostrecon group group-leader group-multi group-switch naturalistic outdoors postures rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 tactical tomclancy uvl-tiein
Splinter Cell (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell)  Ubi Soft (Ubi Soft Montreal)2002 2000s 21stcentury ammomagazines apartmentbuilding autosavepoints awardgdcwriting city clandestine doors dynamicaccuracy earth ectsaward espionage firearms georgia-usa latemodernperiod ledges lockpicking meatshield militantprotagonist militaryfiction monkeybars naturalistic present realworld relentlessguards secretmission serious slaughterhouse solomission splintercell spyfiction stealth stealthgame tomclancy tutorial uvl-tiein walljumping
Red Faction II (Red Faction 2;RF2)  THQ (Volition)2003 2080s airducts ammomagazines autosavepoints cyborgprotagonist cyborgs destructibleenvironment driving dualwielding earth firearms firstpersonshooter future geomod-engine grenades healthregen invisiblewalls mecha multipleendings nanotechnology playerprofiles politicalcorruption powerarmor rebellion redfaction robots rockets secrets sewers suicideattackers tripeds voiceovers
Run Like Hell (RLH;异种追击) Interplay (Digital Mayhem)2003 actionadventure alieninvasion aliens alternateattack ammomagazines assaultrifles automap bossbattles fallbackweapon firearms firstpersonshooter grotesque guidedweapons guidedweapons-pilot indoors interspecificconflict juggernauts livingweapons map militantprotagonist monsters openended parasites plasmaweapons quicktimeevent remotecontrol renderwareengine retrypoints sequelhook sequence-escape serious shotguns spacestation stunning targetlock tragedy upgrades-permanent upgradesystem voiceovers weaponupgrades
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War  Activision (Nerve Software;Gray Matter Interactive Studios)2003 cablecars dieselpunk firearms fortress idtech3 illequipped nazis piecemealcreatures reboot sciencefantasy undead wolfenstein zombies
Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder)  Ubi Soft (Red Storm Entertainment)2003 classbased firearms firstpersonshooter ghostrecon group group-leader group-multi group-switch naturalistic outdoors postures tactical tomclancy uvl-tiein
Freedom Fighters  Electronic Arts (IO Interactive)2003 alternatetimeline ammomagazines anatomicdamage capacity-toolslots city city-newyork-ny civilianprotagonist contrarians dissolvingcorpses earth fame firearms grenades group latemodernperiod limitedcapacity locationaldamage naturalistic northamerica openal present rebellion rebelprotagonist redscare savepoints sewers sovietinvasion sovietunion stealth stealth-sight thermalweapons unitybyforce voiceovers
SWAT: Global Strike Team  Sierra (Argonaut Games)2003 firearms firstpersonshooter lawenforcerprotagonist rating-pegi-16 swat
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines  Atari (Black Ops Entertainment)2003 androids arnoldschwarzenegger earth firearms movie rating-esrb-t robots terminator
Deus Ex: Invisible War (Deus Ex 2;DX2;DXIW)  Eidos (Ion Storm)2003 2070s 21stcentury africa arcology blackmarket blue capacity-slots capacity-toolslots children city city-cairo-eg city-seattle-wa clones clonetechnology cyberpunk cyborgprotagonist cyborgs dark-limited deusex earth egypt elevators empgrenades empweapons energyitems firearms firstpersonshooter future genderchoice grenades greys groupmind havokphysics hud-explained immersivesim implants inclinators interlinkedlevels jumping knives lamp limitedcapacity luddites meleeweapons mobilebombs multipleendings nanotechnology neutralnpcs nightvision northamerica optionaltasks pointdefenses postmodern rating-esrb-m researchfacility robots schism science-theme sentientmachines shopping spiderbots stealth technocracy technology-theme temple titlementioned transhumanism tutorial unethicalscience universalammo unrealengine2 upgradesystem vagrants voiceovers walking weaponcustomization xrayvision
Mafia  Gathering of Developers (Illusion Softworks)2004 1930s 20thcentury clandestine crimefiction earth firearms gtalike hispanicprotagonist historicalfiction mafia-series naturalistic northamerica openworld outlawprotagonist rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m usa
Hitman: Contracts (Hitman 3;HMC)  Eidos Interactive (IO Interactive)2004 assassinating assassinprotagonist bikers clandestine eliteprotagonist firearms glacier1engine hitman-series naturalistic rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 secretmission serious stealth stealthgame suppressors
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay  Vivendi Universal Games (Starbreeze Studios;Tigon Studios)2004 5thmillennium achillesheelfoes aimmode airducts alarmers alcatraz ammomagazines assaultrifles autosavepoints bodydragging bossbattles chroniclesofriddick constrainedlocale dark deathpits dialog-sentences difficulty distantfuture doors elevators escape explosiveobjects extraterrestrial falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter fullbodyawareness future grenades handguns healingstations healthregen healthregen-fast indoors interactivedialogs itemglow jumping keys knives ladders leaning ledges locationaldamage lostequipment meleeweapons mine monkeybars movie neutralnpcs npcspawning optionaltasks otherworld outlawprotagonist prison prisonbreak robots rotaryguns secrets serious shotguns spacefaringage starbreezeengine stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealthgame subterranean titularcharacter titularevent tutorial unarmedfighting visionenhancer voiceovers
ObsCure  Microïds (Hydravision)2004 actionadventure civilianprotagonist dark destructibleenvironment earth fantasticearth firearms friendlyfire group humanexperiments lamp latemodernperiod light meleeweapons monsters mp-cooperative multiprotagonists mutants obscure-series present renderwareengine school serious survivalhorror voiceovers
Second Sight  Codemasters (Free Radical Design)2004 actionadventure aimassist airducts alarmers ammomagazines amnesia cloaking coversystem earth energyregen fallbackweapon firearms firstpersonshooter flashbacks germany hiding humanexperiments latentability nonlinearstory northamerica playerprofiles possession precognition psionics-theme psychicpowers psychics remotecamera researchfacility russia secretfacility serious siberia stealth telekinesis tutorial unarmedfighting unusualprotagonist virginia voiceovers
Trigger Man  Crave Entertainment (Point of View)2004 casino earth firearms handguns maleprotagonist minimap naturalistic
Ghost Recon 2 (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2)  Ubisoft (Red Storm Entertainment)2004 classbased earth firearms future ghostrecon group group-leader group-multi group-switch naturalistic outdoors postures tactical tomclancy unrealengine2 uvl-tiein
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (ゴールデンアイ ダーク・エージェント;GoldenEye: Dark Agent;黄金眼:黑帮情报员)  Electronic Arts (DreamWorks Interactive)2004 007 antiheroprotagonist dualwielding firearms firstpersonshooter meatshield movie rating-esrb-t
Miami Vice  Davilex (Atomic Planet)2004 city city-miami-fl firearms lawenforcerprotagonist maleprotagonist tvseries