In-game title

Video game concept

Game title is displayed even during normal play, often as part of the HUD that obscures a portion of the display area.


The first video game about In-game title was released in 1983.

U.S. Gold, Ocean and Mastertronic has published most of these games

Screenshots published as part of advertizing a game tend to include the game title added to it afterwards, thus it's not actually something in-game. These should not be included in this tag (that is, do your research properly).

This was common in older platforms where updating the whole screen was deemed a resource hog and thus gameplay area covered only small part of the screen. When the covered part couldn't have something relevant to gameplay, it was usually covered with the game title (though in some rare instances this could've been used for some artwork instead).


Amstrad CPC 109
Atari ST 42
Amiga 36
ZX Spectrum 28
C64 28
MSX 12
C16/Plus4 4
Windows 4
Internet Only 3
Electron 3
Mega Drive 3
Thomson 3
Atari 400/800 2
Mac OS Classic 2
Mac OS X 2
PS 1
Famicom Disk System 1
Dragon32 1
NEC PC9801 1
Tandy Coco 1
Apple IIGS 1
Linux 1
NEC PC8801 1
MSX2 1
TRS-80 1
Arcade 1
Amstrad PCW 1

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