Middle projection

Video game concept

Attacks and other actions are "projected" from middle of the character or screen instead of the actual weapon or any other source.


Alternate name: Center projection

The first video game about Middle projection was released in 1992.

GT Interactive, id Software and Activision has published most of these games

This also includes games where the tool/weapon is depicted as being smack middle of the screen (for 1st person) or middle of the character (top-down perspective, etc.) when such is generally unnatural. Usually this means that it's enough that the middle point sees around a corner to shoot "around" it rather than the tool/weapon itself having clear line around it.

This is trivial to test: just run up to a wall and hit or shoot it and look where the attack hits.

Cases tagged with fixed attack should probably be ignored, aim mode can be ignored if this happens only during aiming (any person aiming would raise the gun so they can aim down the sights, which puts the weapon very close to the middle). Include any cases where player "shoots from hip".


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