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Informal group for finding RPG sub-genres.


Happy Goat Studio and Toylogic has published most of these games

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Action-RPGRPG sub-genre characterized with heavy focus on fast-paced (real-time) combat and is overall very similar to Action-Adventure genre.1980 / 2020433 games
Dungeon CrawlerA scenario where the player navigates labyrinthine "dungeons" in search of treasure and evil to vanquish. Used frequently in older RPGs, especially early video game RPGs, and is often treated as a sub-genre of them as such.1974 / 2019472 games
MUDText-based role-playing, simulation and/or action games that can usually be played with any telnet compatible client.1987 / 201631 games
Eastern RPGAny tags commonly perceived as defining or common traits of eastern-style RPGs.container group
Western RPGAny tags commonly perceived as defining or common traits of western-style RPGs.container group
Strategy-RPGHybrid genre unrelated to tactical-RPGs.1980 / 201820 games
Tactical RPGA sub-genre of RPGs focusing on tactical or stategic combat while having practically no personal achievements, adventuring, or such as you would in more traditional RPGs.1988 / 2019448 games