Escape sequence

Video game concept

Includes a sequence where the player must escape, either because they're presented with an opponent they can't hope to defeat, overwhelming odds, or some other danger that threatens the protagonist and can't be countered.


Alternate name: Retreat sequence

The first video game about Escape sequence was released on April 1999.

Electronic Arts, Sega and EA Partners has published most of these games

This is useful for points in game where they encounter an enemy that they can't defeat, either because it's simply unbeatable (story demands it and therefore is invincible), endlessly spawning opponents (in case this is different behaviour from the rest of the game), or there's some other danger that prompts hasty departure.
* Juggernauts - besides places blowing up, these are common cause for escape sequences.
* Timed sequence
* Survival sequence
* Escape - when the whole point of the game is to escape from somewhere or something.
* Timed sequences