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issue 32

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Side PocketMega Drive1992-1185/10085%
Double Dragon 3Game Boy1992-1156/10056%
World HeroesNeo-Geo1992-1188/10088%
Alien³Mega Drive1992-1191/10091%
Batman ReturnsGame Gear1992-1180/10080%
Downtown Nekketsu MonogatariNintendo Entertainment System1992-1174/10074%
Spanky's QuestGame Boy1992-1179/10079%
Spider-Man vs The KingpinGame Gear1992-1188/10088%
Wings 2: Aces HighSuper Nintendo1992-1180/10080%
Chuck RockGame Gear1992-1183/10083%
Mario & YoshiGame Boy1992-1186/10086%
WWF Superstars 2Game Boy1992-1184/10084%
Bomberman IINintendo Entertainment System1992-1181/10081%
Atomic RunnerMega Drive1992-1190/10090%
Ultima: Runes of VirtueGame Boy1992-1188/10088%
Toxic CrusadersGame Boy1992-1173/10073%
Super High ImpactMega Drive1992-1181/10081%
The Simpsons: Bart VS The JuggernautsGame Boy1992-1174/10074%
Pop UpGame Boy1992-1181/10081%
Hudson HawkNintendo Entertainment System1992-1165/10065%
Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!Mega Drive1992-1190/10090%
The Simpsons: Bart's NightmareSuper Nintendo1992-1179/10079%
Robocop 3Super Nintendo1992-1170/10070%
Mario PaintSuper Nintendo1992-1188/10088%
Predator IIMega Drive1992-1176/10076%
George Foreman's KO BoxingGame Boy1992-1151/10051%
NHLPA Hockey '93Mega Drive1992-1188/10088%
Cobra CommandSega-CD/Mega-CD1992-1186/10086%
Wonder DogSega-CD/Mega-CD1992-1186/10086%
Knight QuestGame Boy1992-1177/10077%
Shinobi II: The Silent FuryGame Gear1992-1191/10091%
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP IIGame Gear1992-1190/10090%
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsMaster System1992-1182/10082%
Streets of RageGame Gear1992-1193/10093%
Tiny Toon AdventuresNintendo Entertainment System1992-1193/10093%
LemmingsMega Drive1992-1188/10088%
R.B.I. Baseball 4Mega Drive1992-1184/10084%
CorporationMega Drive1992-1189/10089%
Double DragonMega Drive1992-1171/10071%
Might and Magic: Clouds of XeenMS-DOS1992-1193/10093%
Alone in the DarkMS-DOS1992-1197/10097%
Laser SquadMS-DOS1992-1184/10084%
Gunship 2000MS-DOS1992-1183/10083%
Shadow of the Beast IIIAmiga OCS1992-1194/10094%
Ween: The ProphecyMS-DOS1992-1191/10091%
Ween: The ProphecyAtari ST1992-1191/10091%
Ween: The ProphecyAmiga OCS1992-1187/10087%
Falcon 3.0MS-DOS1992-1186/10086%
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-1943MS-DOS1992-1190/10090%
ShadoworldsAmiga OCS1992-1185/10085%
Rome: 92 ADMS-DOS1992-1190/10090%
V for Victory: D-Day Utah Beach 1944MS-DOS1992-1176/10076%
Flight Simulator 4.0MS-DOS1992-1189/10089%
XF5700 Mantis Experimental FighterMS-DOS1992-1160/10060%
AV-8B Harrier AssaultMS-DOS1992-1189/10089%
The Perfect GeneralMS-DOS1992-1189/10089%
ATAC - Advanced Tactical Air CommandMS-DOS1992-1189/10089%
Quest for Glory III: Wages of WarMS-DOS1992-1192/10092%
Spellcasting 301 - Spring BreakMS-DOS1992-1187/10087%
Paladin IIMS-DOS1992-1175/10075%
Paladin IIAtari ST1992-1165/10065%
Sabre TeamAmiga OCS1992-1184/10084%
The SummoningMS-DOS1992-1185/10085%
Moonstone: A Hard Days KnightMS-DOS1992-1185/10085%
Gobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonMS-DOS1992-1192/10092%
Air SupportAmiga OCS1992-1148/10048%
ZyconixAmiga OCS1992-1176/10076%
Red BaronMS-DOS1992-1180/10080%
Bunny BricksAmiga OCS1992-1175/10075%
Robocop 3MS-DOS1992-1191/10091%
Risky WoodsMS-DOS1992-1182/10082%
Curse of EnchantiaAmiga OCS1992-1190/10090%
Curse of EnchantiaMS-DOS1992-1191/10091%
Car & DriverMS-DOS1992-1195/10095%
SpellCraft: Aspects Of ValorMS-DOS1992-1180/10080%
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderMS-DOS1992-1193/10093%
Road RashAmiga OCS1992-1182/10082%
Nigel Mansell's World ChampionshipAmiga OCS1992-1189/10089%
Millennium 2.2MS-DOS1992-1155/10055%
Summer ChallengeMS-DOS1992-1177/10077%
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone TomorrowMS-DOS1992-1193/10093%
SimLifeMacintosh OS Classic1992-1192/10092%
Jim Power in Mutant PlanetAtari ST1992-1180/10080%
WizkidAtari ST1992-1184/10084%
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeAtari ST1992-1173/10073%
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeMS-DOS1992-1190/10090%
Nicky BoomAtari ST1992-1190/10090%
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