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Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (Ultima 5;Ultima V)  Origin (Origin)1988 ♫rulebritannia 5.25disk blackpearls circadiancycle fromanotherworld garlic gog group hunger ineptveteran potions riding shopping suppression ultima ultimaageofenlightenment
Galdregon's Domain (Death Bringer)  Pandora Software (Pandora Software)1989 gridmove magic magicartefacts potions uvl-confusable
Catacomb  Softdisk (PC Arcade)1990 1life catacomb-series chargedattack display-cga display-ega elitemobs gog grid grid-micro grid-square healingitems keys magic monsters overpenetration potions score secrets sorcery unlimitedammo
Prince of Persia  Brøderbund (Brøderbund)1990 alone antiquity arabianfantasy arabiannights cinematicplatformer conditionalhazards deathpits deathtraps did disappearingplatforms display-cga display-ega display-vga falldamage flipscreens itemget ledges lifelikemotion meleeweapons metagaming noaircontrol oldarabian-theme parrying passageondemand pop-original potions pressureplates princeofpersia realtimelimit rescue rotoscoping semiteprotagonist serious simulacrums skeletons stepbasedcontrol titularcharacter
Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight  Mindscape (Images Software)1992 1life adv-none adv-undefined bodyarmor chosenone difficulty-charscaling display-vga gore graphicdeaths healingitems instantkillers knights medieval meleeweapons mode-practice monsters mp-versus nohud nontolkienian obsoletedassets potions search serious shopping solomission splatter swords titlementioned titularobject transcendency unknownpast walking warriorprotagonist xp-none xp-undefined
The Legend of Kyrandia (Fables & Fiends: Book One)  Virgin (Westwood)1992 1life 3.5disk aristocratprotagonist autosavepoints beach capacity-slots cdrom chasms clickadventure cliff commercial crystals deadends deathpits doors eob-engine falsehints flipscreens forest gems humans inaccurateinfo indoors instantdeath interactivetriggers inventory kyrandia lamp license-proprietary limitedcapacity lutris magic maleprotagonist medieval medievalfantasy monsters mystics noninstantdeath noscore obsoletedassets outdoors potions saveanywhere scrolls scummvm solomission sorcery subterranean toxins traproom traps trash uncooperativeprotagonist unlimitedsaves walking walkingsimulator willowisps
Valhalla (Ragnarok)  Optyk (Norsehelm Production)1993 hunger inventory licensechange magic meleeweapons norsemythology openworld permadeath potions randomdamage roguelike scrolls shopping sorcery specicide
Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM)  author (author)1994 1life abominations adv-static agriculture ancardia attackdefenseadjust cannibalism charactercreation classbased curseditems desecration destructibleitems doors doors-breakable dragons dungeon dwarves elves encounters-random energyregen floatingeyes genderchoice gremlins heroprotagonist hiddenattributes hunger hyperalimentation inventory inventory-unprotected itemidentification itempickup-instant jokeitems karma karmiccreatures magic mapgenerator medieval metamorphosis mitoticcreatures monsters mutation naming naming-companions naming-npcs neutralnpcs nonlinear nonstandardcolors optionaltasks orcs ordervschaos outlaws overworld owlbears permadeath placeswap potions presetmaps psychicpowers psychics quitsave randomdamage randomizedeffects roguelike rotting sacrificing safeguards save-suspend serious shiftinglocale shopping singlesave sorcery spawners specieschoice subterranean subterraneanforest tangibleabstracts teleport teleporters teleporting timeslicing town transformativecorruption trolls undead unicorns walking weefolk worms xp-kills xp-literal
Hocus Pocus  Apogee (Moonlite Software)1994 bossbattles classicwizards difficulty gog indoors keys lighthearted magic mysticprotagonist potions score sorcery
Blackthorne (BlackHawk)  Interplay Productions (Blizzard Entertainment)1994 aimdirlimit bombs cinematicplatformer coversystem displacementfiction elevators fallbackweapon falldamage fallimpact firearms free fromanotherworld healingitems highbornprotagonist inventory itempickup-normal ladders ledges lowfantasy monsters neutralnpcs noaircontrol orcs potions predefinedcontrols savepassword sciencefantasy serious shotguns slavery stationaryattack subterranean tumbling tutorial unrestrictedviolence walking
Anvil of Dawn  New World Computing (DreamForge Intertainment)1995 1life adv-objects altcharfates altprotagonistencounters automap axes bodyarmor capacity-weight castle cdrom charactercreation chosenone compass cpu-486 crossbows derelict dialog-keywords diaries doors dos5 elementals enemyhealthdisplay energyregen energyregen-slow eviloverlord femaleprotagonist finiteopposition genderchoice goblins gog gridmove healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hitchance idlenoise illequipped illusionarywalls interactivedialogs interactivetriggers inventory inventory-supplies jewelry keyboard keys livingwater loot-predefined luggage magic magic-sigils maleprotagonist mapannotation medieval meleeweapons minimap mouse multipleendings nontolkienian noports onehanded oneoftheenemy overburdening overloading paperdoll polearms portals potions premadecharacters prerenderedcinematics pressureplates printer protagonistnaming randomchance saveanywhere serious shields solomission sorcery spears specieschoice stamina stationaryattack swords swordstaffs throwanything thrownweapons titlementioned unknownpast voiceovers war xp-literal
Hexen (Hexen: Beyond Heretic)  id Software;GT Interactive (Raven Software)1995 1life 3.5disk aimassist alone automap axes backtracking blankprotagonist bleak bludgeons bossbattles cdrom centauroids cheatcodes classbased classbasedeq cpu-486 crossmaptriggers cryokinesis darkfantasy demonicmenace devsysnext68x devsysnextintell devsysnextppc difficulty doomwad dos5 electrokinesis eviloverlord explosiveobjects facelessprotagonist fantasyworld fictionaluniverse fistloads forcedpolymorph freezing ghosts gunblades healingitems healthpickups heretichexen heroprotagonist humanoidanimals idtech1 interactivetriggers interlinkedlevels inventory jumping licensechange magic magic-innate magic-somatic magicartefacts magicweapons medieval meleeweapons middleprojection monsters mp-dm noingameintro nontolkienian npcstrife personalquest polycephalids potions premadecharacters progressiveattacks pyrokinesis retrypoints retrypoints-rollback sauroids saveanywhere serious singlegender slipperysurfaces sorcery swords teleport unarmedfighting voiceovers walking wands wetland
Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel  id Software (Raven Software)1996 1life aimassist alone axes blankprotagonist bludgeons bossbattles cdrom cemetery centauroids classbased classbasedeq crushers cryokinesis doomwad electrokinesis explosiveobjects facelessprotagonist fantasyworld fictionaluniverse firstpersonshooter forcedpolymorph freezing ghosts gunblades healingitems healthpickups heretichexen humanoidanimals idtech1 illusionarywalls inbuilttraps inventory jumping magic magicartefacts magicweapons medieval meleeweapons monsters mp-dm noingameintro nontolkienian npcspawning npcstrife personalquest potions premadecharacters progressiveattacks pyrokinesis sauroids secrets serious singlegender sorcery swords teleport titularlocale tombstones unarmedfighting walking
Descent To Undermountain (DTU)  Interplay (Dragon Play)1997 adnd automap axes bludgeons bodyarmor bows charactercreation city clanguage classbased crates crossbows deceptivepackaging descent-engine dialog-sentences dnd doors dosextender dungeon dungeoncrawler dwarves elves falldamage forgottenrealms genderchoice halflings healingitems healingstations hotel illusionarywalls interlinkedlevels inventory invisiblewalls jewelry jumping knives kobolds ladders lockpicking magic magicartefacts map map-3d mapannotation medieval meleeweapons mindflayers monsters murinoids mystics neutralmonsters neutralnpcs potions predefinedcontrols protagonistnaming psychics quickkeys randomizedattributes resting safezone saveanywhere shallowwater shopping skeletons sorcery specieschoice stealth subterranean swords thrownweapons traps unarmedfighting uvl-tiein voiceovers weefolk zombies
The Cave of the Mind EAG (EAG)2000 1life eamonengine hackandslash magic permadeath potions qbasic