Crates video games list, 'a' to 'z'

titledeveloperyearplatform pop.
Alien Shooter 2 - ReloadedSigma Team2009Windows
Alien Shooter: VengeanceSigma Team2007Windows
Black MesaBlack Mesa Team2012Windows
Black MesaBlack Mesa Team2015Linux
Block Dudeauthor?TI Calculators
City of SteamReality Squared Games;Mechanist Games2014Linux
Command & Conquer: RenegadeWestwood Pacific2002Windows
Dark QuestBrain Seal Entertainment2013Linux
Dawn of War IIRelic Entertainment2009Windows
Dawn of War IIRelic Entertainment2016Linux
Day One: Garry's IncidentWild Games Studio 2013Windows
Deadfall AdventuresThe Farm 512013X360
Deadfall AdventuresThe Farm 512013Windows
Deadfall AdventuresThe Farm 512014Linux
Deadly PremonitionAccess Games2010X360
Descent To UndermountainDragon Play1997MS-DOS
Deus ExION Storm2002PS2
Deus ExIon Storm2000Windows
Deus ExLoki Games2000Linux
Deus ExIon Storm2000Mac OS X
Duke Nukem ForeverGearbox Software;Piranha Games;Triptych Games2011Windows
Duke Nukem ForeverGearbox Software;Piranha Games;Triptych Games2011X360
Duke Nukem ForeverGearbox Software;Piranha Games;Triptych Games2011PS3
Duke Nukem ForeverGearbox Software;Piranha Games;Triptych Games2011Mac OS X
Dungeon SiegeGas Powered Games2002Windows
Exodus from the EarthParallax Arts Studio2008Windows
Fable IIILionhead Studios2010X360
Fable IIILionhead Studios2011Windows
Grand Theft AutoDMA Design1997MS-DOS
Half-LifeGearbox Software2001PS2
Half-LifeValve1999Mac OS Classic
Half-Life 2Valve2004Windows
Half-Life 2Valve?Linux
Half-Life 2Valve2005Xbox
Half-Life 2Valve;Electronic Arts2007PS3
Half-Life 2Valve2007X360
Half-Life 2Valve2010Mac OS X
Half-Life: Opposing ForceGearbox Software1999Windows
Half-Life: Opposing ForceGearbox Software;Valve2013Linux
Half-Life: SourceValve2013Linux
HammerwatchCrackshell 2013Windows
HammerwatchCrackshell2013Mac OS X
HammerwatchCrackshell 2013Linux
JerichoMercurySteam Entertainment2007Windows
Larva MortusRake in Grass2008Windows
Legend of DungeonRobotLovesKitty2013Windows
Legend of DungeonRobotLovesKitty2013Mac OS X
Legend of DungeonRobotLovesKitty2013Linux
Legend of Dungeon: MastersRobotLovesKitty2015Linux
Legend of the KnightwasherauthorTBALinux
Lenna's InceptionBytten StudioTBA Linux
Lockdown ProtocolFractile Games2012Linux
Lost Planet 2Capcom2010Windows
Lost Planet 2Capcom2010X360
Mad MaxMindscape1990NES
Max PayneRemedy Entertainment2001Windows
Max PayneMacsoft;Feral Interactive2002Mac OS X
Mole Invasionauthor2005Linux
Red Steel 2Ubisoft Paris2010Wii
Resident Evil 6Capcom2013Windows
Resident Evil 7: BiohazardCapcom2017Windows
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear SkyGSC Game World2008Windows
Secrets of GrindeaPixel Ferrets2015Windows
Secrets of GrindeaPixel Ferrets2016Linux
Tesla: The Weather ManThoughtquake Studios2011Windows
The Legend of Zelda: Collector's EditionEAD Software Development Group 3;Nintendo;Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development2003GameCube
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNintendo1998N64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeEAD Software Development Group 32002GameCube
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DGrezzo;Nintendo20113DS
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master QuestNintendo2002N64
The PunisherBeam Software1990NES
Ultima IX: AscensionOrigin1999Windows
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin1994SNES
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin2001BeOS
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin2006Windows
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin2001Linux
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin?Amiga
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin;Exult Team?Mac OS Classic
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin;Exult Team?GP2X
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin;author?Xbox
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin;Exult Team?Mac OS X
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin?Pandora
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin?Zaurus
Ultima VII: The Black GateOrigin1992MS-DOS
UnrealEpic Games2002Linux
UnrealEpic MegaGames;Digital Extremes1998Windows
UnrealWestlake Interactive;Epic MegaGames;Digital Extremes1999Mac OS Classic
Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na PaliLegend Entertainment1999Linux
Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na PaliLegend Entertainment1999Windows
Unreal Tournament 2004Epic Games;Digital Extremes2004Windows
Unreal: Return to Na PaliLegend Entertainment1999Windows
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising and RetributionFeral Interactive2016Linux
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: RetributionFeral Interactive2016Linux
WolfensteinRaven Software;Id Software;Endrant Studios2009Windows
XIIIUbi Soft Paris2003PS2
XIIIUbisoft Paris2003Windows
XIIIUbi Soft Paris2003GameCube
You Are EmptyDigital Spray Studios;Mandel ArtPlains2006Windows
Zombie Shooter 2Sigma Team2009Windows