Death penalty

Video game concept

Dying or otherwise losing imposes an additional penalty besides the loss itself (and other than ending the game).


Alternate name: Loss penalty

The first video game about Death penalty was released on December 20, 1991.

Studio Wildcard, 2K Games and Arcen Games has published most of these games

This does not cover trivial death penalties, such as in deathmatch games losing the weapons that you collected 5 seconds ago and can collect them again in the next ~10 seconds or so. Nor does this cover negative score, or loss of lives.

However, non-trivial lost equipment, xp gain penalty for a significant amount of time, a significant xp loss (even character level loss), an artificial detriment (lowered stats for a significant amount of time), etc. do count.
* Retry points

Child groups

Death penalty: Recovery, Death penalty: Lost equipment

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