No jumping

Video game concept

Despite the genre/type being something that normally has jumping included, these notably don't have it.


Alternate name: Jumping Deficient

The first video game about No jumping was released in 1983.

Electronic Arts, Eidos Interactive and THQ has published most of these games

This also includes games where jumping is limited to certain specific locations (a bit like opening a door, instead, you jump over or across something).

First and third person shooters as well as action-adventures normally have jumping, so they're good candidates. Platformers by definition should have jumping, but some don't, often replacing it with some other mechanic that still keeps the game a platformer.

Conversely: adventure (including survival horror), anything using grids, simulation, tactical shooters nor anything with top-down perspective (especially 90 degree view angle down) don't normally have jumping.
* Jumping