Video game concept

Any tags describing quirky behaviour or odd game elements.

Mostly these are intentionally there.

Some of these are game engine limitations and therefore not really bugs, though some can be considered bugs too, others are behaviour simply to aid the player in some manner.
Death trapsAn avoidable series of events that have a 100% chance of death but do not specifically warn the player of the impending non-obvious trap.1984 / 201643 games
Dissolving corpsesThe bodies of recently slain dissolve or otherwise rapidly disappear immediately or soon after death.1990 / 2019151 games
Dissolving itemsDropped items, powerups or other objects of interest disappear after a short time.1989 / 201852 games
Endless gameThere is no ending screen when you finish the last level. The game wraps to the first level a continues as if there was more to play.1979 / 2017172 games
Endless oppositionPlayer never runs out of opponents, regardless of method how this occurs.1980 / 2017142 games
Flat spaceSpace, despite its lack of any limitations on movement and positioning, is depicted as a flat expanse of nothing.2000 / 201743 games
Forgetful enemiesYour enemies have a tendency to forget you ever were there.1998 / 20054 games
HardExtremely hard, requiring player to memorize levels, repeat the whole game over and over again (usually memorizing something new each time), throwing nigh impossible challenges at the player and so forth.1982 / 2017106 games
Homing bouldersProjectiles that one would not ever expect to home on their target do so.1998 / 201851 games
Honorable foesEnemies refuse to attack from behind, together in groups, or in some other dishoronorable manner.2003 / 20145 games
Inexplicable trajectoriesProjectiles leave weapons at angles different than what the weapon itself would suggest.2008 / 20105 games
Intangible alliesPlayer character's allies are as intangible as thin air, allowing the player character to pass through them without effort.2000 / 201728 games
Intangible foesYour enemies and other non-allied characters can be passed through as if they were air, or nearly enough. Does not relate to them being immune to being harmed by shots, punches, etc.2007 / 20168 games
LongExceptionally long and time consuming to play through compared to many others of the genre.1 game
Magnetic shouldersCharacters sheathe their weapons to their backs or other places, but there's nothing there to hold those weapons in place. Often makes it seem like they have magnetic shoulder blades or similar.2001 / 201630 games
No CorpsesAny living thing killed in the game simply disappears at the moment of death.1989 / 20153 games
No jumpingDespite the genre/type being something that normally has jumping included, these [i]notably[/i] don't have it.1983 / 2018110 games
Single levelThere's only one level or equivalent to beat.1982 / 20157 games
Sliding walkA technical quirk that causes creature walking, running, etc. appear to be sliding across the surface as if they were doing it on ice but with abnormal level of control.1999 / 201520 games
Slow projectilesProjectiles move at unnaturally slow speed, allowing the player to dodge and/or deflect them with ease.1992 / 201622 games
Space frictionSpacecraft are required to be in constant acceleration to maintain speed.1987 / 201718 games
Tethered projectilesProjectiles move with the one who shot them. The effect is similar to carrying a translucent pipe in front of you and shooting through it, turning/strafing causes any projectiles still in the pipe to move with you in relation.1995 / 19992 games
Touch activationButtons, levers, doors, etc. are activated or used upon being touched, bumped into, or such rather than actually having to press, turn, open them, or whatever else.1996 / 201319 games
Zero ground-level gravityOn ground level gravity has no effect, causing movement uphill and downhill to work at even pace.1993 / 20132 games
Zoned NPCsNPCs are restricted to their personal zones from where they will never leave even if they had good reason to. Or behave like they're leashed to a spot and never go beyond certain distance from it.1993 / 20166 games