Quick keys

Video game concept

Offers generic shortcut keys for various actions, such as character specific abilities, inventory items, and so forth.


Alternate name: Quick slots

The first video game about Quick keys was released in 1992.

Square Enix, inXile entertainment and Deep Silver has published most of these games

See also: quick sets

* Inventory
* Skills / Spells (specifically, more than could be mapped to specific buttons)
Usually only numeric keys are used for these, occasionally function keys. Games that use gamepads and such usually employ different mechanism for quickly accessing such, but they may dedicate few of the buttons as quick keys if no other more fundamental function is needed for quick access.

These are separate from normal control configuration by the simple fact that the quick keys themselves can be redefined, but they still serve the same function of quickly activating whatever is currently occupying the quick key's slot. The slots are usually freely manageable by the player at all times. On PC usually the management occurs by simple drag & drop mechanism where the player drags items, abilities or anything else into the quick key slot.

Quick keys are a common RPG feature to ease controlling each individual character as easily as possible.