Subtitle deficient

Video game concept

Includes voice overs, synthesized speech or such but does not have sufficient or any subtitles for them (optional or not).


Alternate name: No subtitles

The first video game about Subtitle deficient was released on November 8, 1995.

Ubisoft, Ubisoft Entertainment and Activision has published most of these games

* Closed captioning
Note that if missing out on the voice overs and such is irrelevant, then this tag should not be used. For example, random taunts from NPCs certainly are not necessary in most cases.

This makes the games a lot harder than necessary or possibly even completely unplayable by the deaf.

Speech in foreign languages (the various `speech-´ tags) can be forgiven for not having subtitles.

This is also for games that have the option or even enforced subtitles but fail to provide it for all story related voice overs or provides them only under certain circumstances (e.g. only in cinematics or only outside of cinematics).