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issue 22

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
The Quest for the Time-BirdAtari ST1989-0978/10078%
Star Saga: One - Beyond the BoundaryMS-DOS1989-0991/10091%
Austerlitz 1805ZX Spectrum1989-0983/10083%
Grand FleetAtari ST1989-0991/10091%
Life & DeathMS-DOS1989-0984/10084%
Curse of the Azure BondsCommodore 641989-0990/10090%
Curse of the Azure BondsMS-DOS1989-0990/10090%
Red LightningAtari ST1989-0984/10084%
Red LightningMS-DOS1989-0984/10084%
Space MaxMS-DOS1989-0992/10092%
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and LowCommodore 641989-0941/10041%
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and LowAtari ST1989-0945/10045%
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and LowAmiga OCS1989-0947/10047%
The New Zealand StoryAmiga OCS1989-0990/10090%
Gemini WingZX Spectrum1989-0969/10069%
Gemini WingCommodore 641989-0962/10062%
Gemini WingAmiga OCS1989-0971/10071%
Gemini WingAtari ST1989-0971/10071%
HawkeyeAtari ST1989-0978/10078%
Grand Prix CircuitAmiga OCS1989-0951/10051%
EliminatorAmstrad CPC1989-0967/10067%
Chariots of WrathAtari ST1989-0977/10077%
BeamCommodore 641989-0974/10074%
BeamAmiga OCS1989-0972/10072%
BeamAtari ST1989-0972/10072%
Bob's Full HouseAmstrad CPC1989-0957/10057%
Bob's Full HouseCommodore 641989-0954/10054%
Bob's Full HouseZX Spectrum1989-0952/10052%
SDIAmiga OCS1989-0957/10057%
DominatorZX Spectrum1989-0968/10068%
DominatorAmstrad CPC1989-0940/10040%
DominatorAtari ST1989-0975/10075%
LeonardoAmiga OCS1989-0978/10078%
LeonardoAtari ST1989-0977/10077%
Chamber of the Sci-Mutant PriestessMS-DOS1989-0981/10081%
Chamber of the Sci-Mutant PriestessAmiga OCS1989-0985/10085%
Rick DangerousAmiga OCS1989-0976/10076%
Rick DangerousAtari ST1989-0978/10078%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameZX Spectrum1989-0946/10046%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameAmstrad CPC1989-0938/10038%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameAmiga OCS1989-0948/10048%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameAtari ST1989-0948/10048%
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunAmiga OCS1989-0989/10089%
Mr. HeliAtari ST1989-0965/10065%
NightdawnCommodore 641989-0936/10036%
NightdawnAmiga OCS1989-0944/10044%
NightdawnAtari ST1989-0942/10042%
Hell RaisersAtari ST1989-0934/10034%
Alien LegionAmiga OCS1989-0936/10036%
GhostbustersMaster System1989-0922/10022%
Skate of the ArtAmiga OCS1989-0930/10030%
QuartzAtari ST1989-0969/10069%
Galaxy ForceMaster System1989-0960/10060%
Reggie Jackson BaseballMaster System1989-0972/10072%
Inner SpaceCommodore 641989-0935/10035%
Major Indoor Soccer LeagueCommodore 641989-0966/10066%
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