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issue 27

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
A-10 Tank KillerMS-DOS1990-0296/10096%
Blue LightningAtari Lynx1990-0287/10087%
David Wolf: Secret AgentMS-DOS1990-0297/10097%
It Came from the DesertAmiga OCS1990-0282/10082%
Budokan: The Martial SpiritMS-DOS1990-0286/10086%
The Gates of ZendoconAtari Lynx1990-0292/10092%
Space AceAmiga OCS1990-0284/10084%
ElectrocopAtari Lynx1990-0279/10079%
Never MindMS-DOS1990-0275/10075%
Never MindAmiga OCS1990-0276/10076%
Clown-O-ManiaAmiga OCS1990-0280/10080%
DrakkhenAmiga OCS1990-0294/10094%
X-OutAmiga OCS1990-0289/10089%
Hard Drivin'Amiga OCS1990-0290/10090%
AmegasAmiga OCS1990-0227/10027%
Hell RaisersAmiga OCS1990-0235/10035%
Puffy's SagaAmiga OCS1990-0281/10081%
Super CarsAmiga OCS1990-0265/10065%
The Cycles: International Grand Prix RacingAmiga OCS1990-0284/10084%
Ghouls 'n GhostsAmiga OCS1990-0292/10092%
Hardball IIAmiga OCS1990-0270/10070%
Spy vs. SpyAmiga OCS1990-0265/10065%
Pictionary: The Game of Quick DrawMS-DOS1990-0280/10080%
Bar GamesMS-DOS1990-0261/10061%
Hole-In-One Miniature GolfMS-DOS1990-0249/10049%
Beach VolleyAtari ST1990-0282/10082%
Turbo OutRunAtari ST1990-0285/10085%
Turtle Table Tennis SimulationAtari ST1990-0241/10041%
AquanautAtari ST1990-0259/10059%
Moonwalker: The Computer GameAtari ST1990-0263/10063%
The UntouchablesAtari ST1990-0293/10093%
NeutopiaPC Engine1990-0243/10043%
WantedMaster System1990-0267/10067%
Casino GamesMaster System1990-0270/10070%
All-In BoxingArchimedes1990-0221/10021%
Arcade SoccerArchimedes1990-0256/10056%
Chase H.Q.Commodore 641990-0220/10020%
Pictionary: The Game of Quick DrawCommodore 641990-0270/10070%
Ghouls 'n GhostsZX Spectrum1990-0291/10091%
Moonwalker: The Computer GameZX Spectrum1990-0260/10060%
Operation ThunderboltAmstrad CPC1990-0288/10088%
The Hound of ShadowAtari ST1990-0289/10089%
Dragons of FlameMS-DOS1990-0263/10063%
Dragons of FlameAmiga OCS1990-0263/10063%
Dragons of FlameAtari ST1990-0263/10063%
Presumed Guilty!MS-DOS1990-0251/10051%
Knights of LegendCommodore 641990-0298/10098%
Don't Go AloneMS-DOS1990-0265/10065%
Mines of TitanMS-DOS1990-0280/10080%
Sword of the SamuraiMS-DOS1990-0290/10090%
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