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issue 29

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
HammerfistZX Spectrum1990-0492/10092%
HammerfistCommodore 641990-0494/10094%
HammerfistAmiga OCS1990-0493/10093%
Space Harrier IIZX Spectrum1990-0471/10071%
Space Harrier IIAtari ST1990-0479/10079%
Mean StreetsMS-DOS1990-0487/10087%
Psycho FoxMaster System1990-0483/10083%
E-MotionCommodore 641990-0480/10080%
E-MotionAmiga OCS1990-0490/10090%
E-MotionAtari ST1990-0490/10090%
Black TigerZX Spectrum1990-0480/10080%
Black TigerAtari ST1990-0484/10084%
Scramble SpiritsAmiga OCS1990-0475/10075%
Scramble SpiritsAtari ST1990-0475/10075%
Scramble SpiritsZX Spectrum1990-0470/10070%
SideshowAmiga OCS1990-0471/10071%
Crack DownAtari ST1990-0490/10090%
Knights of the CrystallionAmiga OCS1990-0474/10074%
WarheadAmiga OCS1990-0490/10090%
Dragons BreathAmiga OCS1990-0482/10082%
AquanautAmiga OCS1990-0455/10055%
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!Amiga OCS1990-0451/10051%
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!Commodore 641990-0471/10071%
After the WarAmiga OCS1990-0471/10071%
After the WarAtari ST1990-0471/10071%
Fighter BomberAmiga OCS1990-0489/10089%
Fighter BomberAtari ST1990-0489/10089%
ConquerorAtari ST1990-0480/10080%
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunAmstrad CPC1990-0479/10079%
Beverly Hills CopAmstrad CPC1990-0440/10040%
Lost Dutchman MineAmiga OCS1990-0454/10054%
OverlanderAmiga OCS1990-0468/10068%
Fire!Amiga OCS1990-0446/10046%
FredAtari ST1990-0468/10068%
The KristalMS-DOS1990-0488/10088%
Rainbow IslandsAtari ST1990-0492/10092%
Soccer Manager PlusAmiga OCS1990-0478/10078%
StryxAmiga OCS1990-0477/10077%
RiskAtari ST1990-0483/10083%
Never MindAtari ST1990-0470/10070%
Operation ThunderboltAtari ST1990-0488/10088%
RotorAmiga OCS1990-0467/10067%
Hard Drivin'MS-DOS1990-0481/10081%
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfAmstrad CPC1990-0446/10046%
Astate: La Malédiction des TempliersAtari ST1990-0458/10058%
Wild StreetsAmstrad CPC1990-0476/10076%
Dynamite DuxMaster System1990-0485/10085%
Demon's Tomb: The AwakeningAmiga OCS1990-0492/10092%
Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A HeroMS-DOS1990-0486/10086%
Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud NebulaMS-DOS1990-0484/10084%
Day of the ViperAmiga OCS1990-0477/10077%
Search for the TitanicMS-DOS1990-0468/10068%
Chaos Strikes BackAtari ST1990-0465/10065%
PrinceAmiga OCS1990-0461/10061%
PrinceAtari ST1990-0461/10061%
Sherman M4MS-DOS1990-0457/10057%
The Colonel's BequestMS-DOS1990-0489/10089%
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