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issue 28

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
Full Metal PlanèteAmiga OCS1990-0385/10085%
Full Metal PlanèteAtari ST1990-0385/10085%
Dr. Plummet's House of FluxAmiga OCS1990-0389/10089%
VendettaCommodore 641990-0393/10093%
Golden AxeMega Drive1990-0392/10092%
Battle AceNEC Supergraphx1990-0375/10075%
The Lost PatrolAmiga OCS1990-0385/10085%
USA Pro BasketballPC Engine1990-0381/10081%
The Revenge of ShinobiMega Drive1990-0388/10088%
Blue Angels: Formation Flight SimulationCommodore 641990-0383/10083%
Blue Angels: Formation Flight SimulationMS-DOS1990-0384/10084%
Star Trek V: The Final FrontierMS-DOS1990-0385/10085%
Tower of BabelAtari ST1990-0381/10081%
Indianapolis 500: The SimulationMS-DOS1990-0383/10083%
Damocles: Mercenary IIAtari ST1990-0395/10095%
Rainbow IslandsCommodore 641990-0392/10092%
Rainbow IslandsAmiga OCS1990-0393/10093%
Bad CompanyAmiga OCS1990-0370/10070%
Bari Bari DensetsuPC Engine1990-0354/10054%
Beverly Hills CopAmiga OCS1990-0357/10057%
Beverly Hills CopCommodore 641990-0349/10049%
Beverly Hills CopAtari ST1990-0355/10055%
Bullfight Ring no HashaPC Engine1990-0360/10060%
CabalAmiga OCS1990-0385/10085%
Chase H.Q.Amstrad CPC1990-0389/10089%
Chicago 90Amiga OCS1990-0360/10060%
Fighter BomberCommodore 641990-0385/10085%
Footballer of the Year 2Amiga OCS1990-0375/10075%
Footballer of the Year 2Atari ST1990-0374/10074%
Heavy UnitPC Engine1990-0377/10077%
Dark CenturyAtari ST1990-0378/10078%
Drivin' ForceAmiga OCS1990-0361/10061%
5th GearAmiga OCS1990-0340/10040%
5th GearAtari ST1990-0340/10040%
The IntruderAtari ST1990-0374/10074%
Herzog ZweiMega Drive1990-0375/10075%
John Madden FootballCommodore 641990-0359/10059%
Mr. Heli no DaiboukenPC Engine1990-0383/10083%
Harley-Davidson: The Road to SturgisMS-DOS1990-0379/10079%
Bonk's AdventurePC Engine1990-0382/10082%
Knight Rider SpecialPC Engine1990-0363/10063%
The Ninja WarriorsAmstrad CPC1990-0358/10058%
Great CourtsMS-DOS1990-0384/10084%
OutlandsAmiga OCS1990-0331/10031%
The Seven Gates of JambalaAmiga OCS1990-0371/10071%
The Seven Gates of JambalaAtari ST1990-0371/10071%
ShinobiPC Engine1990-0388/10088%
The UntouchablesAmiga OCS1990-0385/10085%
Wizards & WarriorsNintendo Entertainment System1990-0370/10070%
F-19 Stealth FighterZX Spectrum1990-0382/10082%
Test Drive II: The DuelAmstrad CPC1990-0356/10056%
VolfiedPC Engine1990-0374/10074%
Shiryou Sensen: War of the DeadPC Engine1990-0362/10062%
ZombiAmiga OCS1990-0379/10079%
ZombiAtari ST1990-0377/10077%
The General: Warfare in the Napoleonic AreaZX Spectrum1990-0390/10090%
Dragon WarsCommodore 641990-0383/10083%
TimeAmiga OCS1990-0374/10074%
TimeAtari ST1990-0374/10074%
Gold of the Americas: The Conquest of the New WorldMS-DOS1990-0387/10087%
The Third CourierMS-DOS1990-0368/10068%
Future Wars: Time TravellersAmiga OCS1990-0382/10082%
Dungeon QuestAmiga OCS1990-0348/10048%
Magnetic MoonZX Spectrum1990-0384/10084%
Starship QuestZX Spectrum1990-0390/10090%
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