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Maximum Surge Digital Pictures (Digital Pictures)? cancelled rating-esrb-m
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (Wing Commander IV: O Preço da Liberdade;Wing Commander IV: Mekhir ha-Khofesh;Wing Commander IV: מחיר החופש) Electronic Arts (Origin Systems)1995 cdrom extraterrestrial future gog liveactors militaryfiction rating-esrb-m spacecombatsim spacefaringage wingcommander
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain  Activision (Silicon Knights;Crystal Dynamics)1996 1life actionadventure antiheroprotagonist bleak cdrom darkfantasy directx3 healthdraining highbornprotagonist legacyofkain magic mediaindrive meleeweapons nosgoth rating-esrb-m revenge serious swords unusualprotagonist vampireprotagonist vampires weaponplot win95
Psychic Detective Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1996 digitizedimages interactivemovie liveactors psychics rating-bbfc-18 rating-esrb-m rating-usk-16 thriller
MageSlayer  GT Interactive (Raven Software)1997 1life anuroids bludgeons breathweapons cdrom cemetery classbased demons directx5 dwarves energyitems equipment-predefined healingitems heroprotagonist indoors installoslimit inventory jumping magic mediaindrive meleeweapons metamorphosis monsters mp-cooperative murinoids noports premadecharacters pyrokinesis rating-esrb-m rats rodents serious sorcery subterranean swrender teleport teleporters titlementioned unarmedfighting unfixedbugs uvl-missingimages vampireengine voiceovers walking warriorprotagonist weefolk wildlife win95 worms
EVE burst error (イヴ・バーストエラー;イブ・バースト・エラー)  Himeya Soft (Himeya Soft)1997 eve-series rating-esrb-m
Dark Colony  SSI (GameTek)1997 22ndcentury aerodyne alienprotagonist aliens alternatecampaigns artillery biorobots biotechnology cdrom circadiancycle cyborgs darkcolony-series dialup extraterrestrial flyingsaucers fogofwar future greys humanprotagonist infantry interspecificconflict ipx mars militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased mp-bots rating-esrb-m spacefaringage splatter supervisorprotagonist tcpip tutorial unseenprotagonist war wargame weaponsplatforms
Asgaldh: Waikyoku no Testament (アスガルド~歪曲のテスタメント~;Asgaldh: The Distortion Testament)  Zone (Zone)1998 anime rating-esrb-m uvl-fantitle
Mortal Kombat 4 (真人快打4)  Midway;GT Interactive (Eurocom)1998 graphicdeaths mortalkombat psychicpowers rating-esrb-m uvl-tiein
Quake II Mission Pack - Zaero Team Evolve (Macmillian Digital)1998 firstpersonshooter hitscan hobbyist idtech2 jumping opengl quake-series rating-esrb-m
Tender Loving Care Funsoft (Aftermath Media)1998 groovie-engine rating-esrb-m
The House of the Dead  Sega (AM1)1998 houseofthedead madscience rating-esrb-m undead undeadmenace zombieapocalypse zombies
Quake II Mission Pack - Ground Zero  id Software (Rogue Software)1998 aliens alone cyborgs dark difficulty download elevators energyweapons explosiveobjects extraterrestrial fallbackweapon falldamage firstpersonshooter forcefields future grenadecooking grenadelaunchers hitscan idtech2 industrial-setting interactivetriggers itemglow jumping ladders militantprotagonist militaryfiction mine opengl otherworld proximitymines quake-series rating-esrb-m secrets shotguns spacefaringage strogg submachineguns swimming title-none walking
Fallout 2 (FO2)  Interplay (Black Isle Studios)1998 1life 23rdcentury adv-perks adv-ptdistr alternatetimeline automap autoshotguns beamweapons botching california censored charactercreation circadiancycle cleargame combatmode cruelty-potential currency-unusual deathworld dingy doors download drugs earth energyweapons fallout fallout-engine firearms fistloads future genderchoice giantinsects giantspiders gog gore graybrown grenades grid grid-hex handguns homosexuals initiative injuries interactivedialogs isolationists karma knives lesbians locationaldamage lockpicking meleeweapons mutants neutralmonsters northamerica overworld parttargeting polearms postapocalypse powerarmor precisionrifles ragtaggang rating-esrb-m raygungothic retrofuture rotaryguns ruinedworld scorpions shopping stealing stealth thrownweapons timeunits town turnbasedcombat unarmedfighting uvl-releases walking wasteland weirdscience xp-kills
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division  Microïds;cdv Software Entertainment (Monolith Productions)1998 1life asphyxiation assaultrifles aureal3d beamweapons cdrom city club criticalchance directx6 domesticcats doors dualwielding eax eax1 energyweapons firearms firstpersonshooter friendlyfire ghosttown giantrobots glide3d gog handguns hotel inertscenery jumping knives lithtechengine maleprotagonist mecha mediaindrive meleeweapons milessound militantprotagonist militaryfiction multipleendings museum otherworld precisionrifles rating-esrb-m recurringopponent researchfacility rewardingvandalism rockets shotguns spacecraft-location spiderbots steampowered submachineguns swords swrender tanks titulargroup transformation underwaterdiving walker walkers walking win-16b-installer win95 win98 youngadultprotagonist
Thief: The Dark Project (Thief: o Projeto Negro;Dark Project : La Guilde des Voleurs;Dark Project: Der Meisterdieb;The Dark Project;Dark Camelot)  Eidos (Looking Glass Studios)1998 1life actionadventure antiheroprotagonist backstabbing ballistics bodydragging bookends bows cacophonicvoice cemetery chrysopoeia city clambering clandestine clockpunk color-16bit criminalactivity dark darkengine distracting doors eavesdropping espionage eviloverlord falldamage forgetfulenemies gameplayinn ghosts giantinsects giantspiders graverobbing harmonyvsdiscipline haunting hiding holstering immersivesim indicator-visibility intermissions jumping killingblow langbrazil-port lawenforcers leaning leveleditor lightdousing lockpicking lowfantasy magic mansion medieval meleeweapons missionbased monsters mystics noncombpenalty nontolkienian oldfaith outlawprotagonist overpowered pagans pain permanentcorpses pickpocketing rating-esrb-m rescue sentientartefact sequelhook serious spatialaudio spectres stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampunk strangebedfellows stunning stunning-moderate stunprods subterranean swords systemsdriven temple thief-series thiefprotagonist titlementioned titularcharacter undead unnecessarykilling unusualprotagonist uvl-confusable uvl-workingtitle voiceovers zombies
Die by the Sword: Limb from Limb (Die by the Sword: Das Schwert des Schicksals) Interplay (Treyarch Invention)1998 1life actionadventure anatomicdamage animateweapons cdrom compositefoes directx5 dismemberment femaleprotagonist gog gore healthvisualization improvisedweapons indoors locationaldamage locationalhealth mediaindrive meleesim meleeweapons mp-cooperative pcdismemberment rating-esrb-m serious swords undefinedelements virtualarticulation voiceovers win95 wounds
Redline (Redline - Gang Warfare: 2066) Accolade;Electronic Arts (Beyond Games)1999 2060s 21stcentury armoredcar future gog motorcycle postapocalypse rating-esrb-m
Aliens versus Predator (AvP;Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition;AvP Gold;AvPGE;Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000)  Fox Interactive (Rebellion)1999 1life alienfranchise alienprotagonist aliens aliensvspredator alone ammomagazines androids assaultrifles bestsellerseries burning cdrom ceilingclinging ceilingtraversal claws cloakednpcs cloaking color-16bit dark direct3d directx6 dismemberment display-640x480 doors download elevators energyrecharger energyweapons extraterrestrial facelessprotagonist fearofnothing firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers flares fury161 future gibs gore grenadelaunchers grenades-bouncy grenades-impact hatchers healingdevice healingfinishers healthdrops healthpickups humanprotagonist hypermobilefoes infravision interspecificconflict ipx itempickup-auto juicyflesh jumping karmiccreatures ladders limitedsaves lutris megacorps meleeweapons militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters movie mp-3way multiplecampaigns multipleperspectives naturalweapons otherworld overkill perspectiveflip playerprofiles predator rating-esrb-m rotaryguns sequence-escape serious spacefaringage stealth steampowered tcpip thermalweapons tunnelvision turrets unarmedfighting visionenhancer visionmodes walking wallclimbing wallclinging wallcrawlers walltraversal waterwaves weirdvision
Unreal: Return to Na Pali (Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali)  GT Interactive (Legend Entertainment)1999 aliens assaultrifles cdrom coerced crates direct3d energyweapons extraterrestrial fallbackweapon firstpersonshooter fortress future genderchoice glide3d goothrowers handguns healthbuffer healthpickups intermissions jumping middleprojection otherworld rating-esrb-m rewardingvandalism search spacefaringage swrender trackermusic unreal unrealengine unrealengine1 uvl-releases walking walkingarmory
Kingpin: Life of Crime  Interplay Entertainment (Xatrix Entertainment)1999 1930s 1life 20thcentury actionadventure anachronic bleak bulkycharacters bunnyhopping city compatiblewine difficulty directx7 doors download dystopian elevators evilvsevil falldamage firearms flamethrowers friendlyfire futuristic gangsters glide3d gog grenadelaunchers handguns idtech2 improvisedweapons indoors interlinkedlevels jumping ladders leveleditor machineguns macho mediaindrive minions naturalistic neutralnpcs opengl organizedcrime outlawprotagonist personalquest prochronic prohibitionera rampantcrime rating-esrb-m revenge rockets saveanywhere serious shopping shotguns submachineguns thermalweapons titlementioned titularcharacter tommygun uvl-releases voiceovers walking
Dungeon Keeper 2 (ダンジョンキーパー2)  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1999 4thwallbroken angels antiheroprotagonist basebuilding berserkers blankprotagonist builders buildingdesigning captives chickens construction-instant corpseharvesting darkknights demons digging directx6 dominion doors doors-breakable drm dualism dungeon dungeonkeeper dwarves elites elves evilisgood expenses-instant fatties finiteresources foundations friendlyfire-purposeful gianthumanoids giantinsects giantwasps goblins godgame goodvsevil harvesters heroes humor-dark humor-toilet hunger imprisoning indirectcontrol infighting magic malevolentprotagonist masochists missionbased monsters morale narrator noports npcbodydragging possession qsound rating-bbfc-12 rating-esrb-m resourceharvesting sacrificing safedisc secondaryantagonist skeletons sorcery stockpiles subterranean timechanges tooltips torture trapping trolls undead unseenprotagonist upkeep vampires veterancy voiceovers volcanic walking weefolk win95 win98 workers zoning
Shadow Man  Acclaim (Acclaim Studios Teesside)1999 1life actionadventure backtracking blackprotagonist bossbattles chargingweapons chosenone comic dimensionaltravel exoticweapons fallbackweapon firearms ghosts glowingeyes guidedweapons handguns ladders magic nofalldamage nonlinear pawn prophecy rating-esrb-m serious steampowered titularcharacter underworld uniqueprotagonist voiceovers voodoo
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver  Eidos Interactive;Square Enix (Crystal Dynamics)1999 2hmeleeweapons abominations actionadventure amalgams apocalyptic atypicalcreatures backstabbing backtracking bleak bossbattles cdrom chargedjump cliffhanger darkfantasy deadlywater dimensionalportals dimensionaltravel directx6 doors dying dyingearth eldritchabominations envcombat environmentalpuzzle fasttravel-points freewill giantmonsters gliding gog gothic healthdrops healthvisualization immortalprotagonist improvisedweapons insectoids jumping katar ladders legacyofkain magic mediaindrive meleeweapons metroidvania monsters nosgoth oneofakind openended parallelreality personalquest planarshifting polearms portals powermimicry puzzlebosses rating-esrb-m recurrence recurrence-character revenge ruinedworld ruins samsara saveanywhere seamlessworld sequelhook serious sorcery souls spectralprotagonist steampowered superstrength swimming swrender teleport teleporters titlementioned titularcharacter unarmedfighting undeadprotagonist underworld uniqueprotagonist vampires voiceovers walking warriorprotagonist weaponplot win95 win98 wounds
System Shock 2 (SS2)  Electronic Arts;Night Dive Studios (Looking Glass Studios;Irrational Games)1999 2110s 22ndcentury adv-intermediary adv-xpdistr airlocks alarmers alcohol alone alteredreality ammomagazines ammotypes ammowarning amnesia antagonistawareness antivillain assaultrifles attrbasedeq automap autosavepoints beepingcomputers biogrowth biotechnology blankprotagonist bodyarmor bodyhorror cacophonicvoice capacity-slots capacity-stacks cdrom cheapdeath clambering clanguage color-16bit constrainedlocale creatorvscreation cultfollowing cybernetics cyborgs damageovertime damagetypes dark-limited darkengine derelict detectors diaries difficulty difficulty-ingame direct3d directx6 dissolvingcorpses doors drm elevators empguns empweapons endlessopposition enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energystations energyweapons entangled everyonesdead evilgenius eviloverlord explosiveobjects extraterrestrial falldamage femaleantagonist firearms firstpersonshooter fleshvssteel future giantspiders gog grenadelaunchers grotesque groupmind hacking handguns healingitems healingstations hud-explained humanoids idlenoise immersivesim implants incompat-multicore indoors installoslimit interactivetriggers interlinkedlevels inventory itemdurability itemidentification itempickup-instant jumping keycodes keys ladders laserbolts laserweapons ledges lethalvelocity lightsabers limitedcapacity livingweapons maidenvoyage malfunctioning mapannotation marketfailure mechanicalvoice mediaindrive meleeweapons middleprojection minigames minimap monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative multipurposeresource mutants namelessprotagonist noenergyregen nohealthregen noports npcspawning oldskoolsurveillance openclassing openended overcharging parasites pawn peopleresources persistentworld playablecharcreation pointertoggle possessed powerfoci primates psychicpowers psychics radiation rating-esrb-m recoil recurrence-location reload-manual researching restorepower robots rogueai rp-levelless safedisc secondaryantagonist selectivefire sentientmachines sequelhook serious shopping shotguns skillbasedeq smokes souljar sourcecodemissing sourcecodestolen spacecraft-location spacefaringage spectres starfishaliens stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealth-sound steampowered story-continuous story-dispersed suicideattackers swrender systemshock targetident tauceti technology-theme thx-1138 toxins transhumanism turrets tutorial uipointer unloading upgrades-permanent upgradesystem uvl-missingimages vendingmachines virtualreality voiceovers walking weaponupgrades weirdscience win95 win98 wine worms xp-objects xp-progress