Babel no Tou

a.k.a. バベルの塔 / Tower of Babel

created and published by Namco in 1986-07-18, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: puzzle, platformer
genre: Puzzle platformer, Vertical platformer
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng

Personal review

Babel no Tou is a puzzle game set in a platform environment. The aim of each level is to reach the exit door to the next floor. To reach the exit you must use L-shaped blocks to build bridges. In the later of the 64 standard and another 64 pro-levels, monsters roam through the floors, which you should either avoid, kill via throwing a block on their head or - even better - trapping them inside blocks. The concept is fresh and motivating and plays quite well. The difficulty level though is extremely high and only puzzle-experts who can think of sometimes unconventional solutions will stand a chance to beat some of the trickier levels. Graphics are ok, but features the same graphical theme throughout the whole game and thus lacks in variety. Same goes for the music.

# 2009-11-15 12:12:56

Technical specs

display: raster

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Babel no Tou in-game screen.
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