a.k.a. Lionheart Java Remake

created and published by Byron 3D Games Studio in 2010-06-13, running on Linux
type: platformer
genre: Fantasy
perspective: side view
player options: single player
game engine: LionEngine
languages: eng

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Valdyn is a dragon riding, sword wielding felinoid who's works for the king as a "Prowler". He is in love with Ilene. The king gave Valdyn the nickname "Lionheart" because he says it is Valdyn's destiny to someday recover the Lionheart relic when stolen. The king's right to rule depends on possessing the Lionheart relic. Without it, the king must abdicate within 3 days. Suddenly the king's enemy Norka raids the castle, steels the Lionheart relic, and turns Ilene to stone. The king informs Valdyn that his time of destiny has arrived. Also, Norka has the antidote to save Ilene. Valdyn dons his fighing gloves, grabs his sword, and begins to fly on his dragon to Norka's teritory. But he is attacked by one of Norka's airships. Separated from his dragon, he must make the journey on foot.

Thus begings this hack'n'slash platformer game. You must travel underground, land, floating platforms, and air to reach Norka's fortress on a floating island. Collect relics to increase you life force. Slay mosters and vegitation that gets in your way.
zerothis # 2012-01-21 12:26:24

Technical specs

display: raster

Authors / Staff

Alex Holland
Alias DjThunder[Pierre-Alexandre]
Eric Simon
Gerald Miiller-Bruhnke
Henk Nieborg
Matthias Steinwachs

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Lionheart in-game screen.
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