I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

a.k.a. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

created and published by Night Dive Studios in 2013-11-27, running on Linux
type: adventure
genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Point-and-click adventure
setting: Future, Post-apocalypse
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
game engine: SAGA
languages: eng fre ger ita spa

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Technical specs

additional hardware: 486DX CPU,
display: raster

Editor note

This game is specifically packaged for Ubuntu/SteamOS for download from the Steam page.

Note: Steam lists a 486 cpu as a minimum requirement despite the fact it is extremely unlikely the average user could successfully run Ubuntu or Kubuntu on such a machine (not sure about the Ubuntu based SteamOS, which might be pre-configured for pre-pentium compatibility?). An ordinary Ubuntu CD 10.10 (Maverick) or later version will not install on a 486 machine and special methods to do so are required (the problem is actually the Linux kernel version used). In fact, the version of the game is specifically packaged for Linux and has two recommended custom engines to choose from. One is heavily based on DOSbox source code, the other on SCUMMVM source. There is also nothing to prevent the player from using their own DOSBox, SCUMMVM, real DOS, virtual machine with real DOS, or other DOS emulator or DOS clone (the publisher made specific modifications in packaging to allow for these).

GOG provides a DOSBox installer package or as a tar.gz (for those who wish to bypass GOG's installer and redundant DOSBox installation)
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Authors / Staff


Allison Hershey (art director)
David B. Schultz (music producer)
David Mullich (director)
David Mullich (producer)
Glenn Price (assistant art director)
Jhoneil Centeno (assistant art director)
John Bolton (technical director)
Patrick Ketchum (executive producer)
Paul Licari (executive producer)
Peter Delgado (art director)
Robert Wiggens (line producer)
Robert Wiggens (producer)


John Ottman (original music composer)


Bradley W. Schenck (production design)
Bright & Associates (package design)
David Mullich (design)
David Sears (design)


David Mullich (game story)
David Sears (game story)
Harlan Ellison (writing short story)


John Bolton (programmer)
Mike Tudorovich (additional programmer)
Ted Gruber Software (game engine)


Anita Ziobro (additional art)
April Lee (additional art)
Bradley W. Schenck (background art)
Diane Cooper (character animator)
Diane Cooper (character animation)
Glenn Price (background art)
Glenn Price (background art)
Jhoneil Centeno (character animation)
Jhoneil Centeno (character animator)
John Goodner (additional art)
Lisa Ienacco (additional art)
Lisa Iennaco (additional art)
Nathan Simpson (additional art)
Ralph Navarro (character animator)
Ralph Navarro (character animation)
Robert Miles (background art)
Steve Nazar (character animator)
Steve Nazar (character animation)


David B. Schultz (music arrangement)
DBS Music (music arrangement)
DBS Music (music production)
James Phillipsen (sound effects)
Lawrence Schwedler (sound effects)


Adiayl Labinah (voice)
Anton Latreque (voice)
Anton Latreque (voice)
Anton Latreque (voice)
Buck Ford (voice)
Buck Ford (voice)
Cheshire Multimedia Sound (voice digitizing)
Cheshire Multimedia Sound (voice recording)
Edward Sayers (voice)
Edward Sayers (voice)
Edward Sayers (voice)
Frederick Reynolds (voice)
Harlan Ellison (voice)
Jonathon Ficcadenti (voice)
Jonathon Ficcadenti (voice)
Julio Jeinson (voice)
Julio Jeinson (voice)
Lisa Wasserman (voice-over director)
Melina Van Houk (voice)
Melina Van Houk (voice)
Natasha Konduros (voice)
Natasha Konduros (voice)
Norman Hicks (voice)
Norman Hicks (voice)
Norman Hicks (voice)
Philip James (voice)
Philip James (voice)
Samuel Fenn (voice)
Samuel Fenn (voice)
Samuel Fenn (voice)
Skip Towne (voice)
Skip Towne (voice)
Skip Towne (voice)
Steve Savage (voice)
Steve Savage (voice)
Steve Savage (voice)
Tom Myers (voice)
Tom Myers (voice)
Valinda Barrett (voice)
Valinda Barrett (voice)
Valinda Barrett (voice)
Vernon Edwards (voice)
Vincent C. Murovich III (voice)
Virtual Casting (voice casting)
Virtual Casting (voice direction)


Michael G. Buscher (documentation)


Andrew Balzer (marketing)
Daniel Pelli (marketing)
MGM Interactive [USA] (marketing)


Adam Ryan (playtester)
Christoph Klug 'Chris Klug' (lead tester)
Christoph Klug 'Chris Klug' (playtester)
Daniel Lee (tester)
John G. Fair (quality assurance manager)
Mark Harwood (playtester)


and I Must Scream/design/dialog/game story)


Andrew Balzer (sales)
Cyberdreams (production company)
Cyberdreams (distributor)
Daniel Pelli (sales)
David Mullich (dialog)
David Sears (dialog)
Erick Haugen (additional script)
Erik Bethke (additional script)
Jack Russell (scriptor)
Jani Peltonen (technical review board)
John Bolton (scriptor)
Loudmouth (instrument bank provided by)
MGM Interactive [USA] (distributor)
MGM Interactive [USA] (sales)
Michael G. Buscher (technical review board)
Michael G. Buscher (production)
Sharon McIntyre (scriptor)
Steven McNally (scriptor)
The Dreamers Guild (production company)
Virtual Images Unlimited (3-d mouse pad)

Contributors (2)


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