Reversion: Chapter 2 - The Meeting

a.k.a. Reversion - The Meeting (2nd Chapter

created and published by 3f Interactivo in 2013-11-26, running on Linux
type: adventure
genre: Science Fiction, Point-and-click adventure
setting: Future
perspective: other 3rd person
player options: single player
game engine: Wintermute
languages: chi eng fre ger ita pol spa

Official description

After escaping from the hospital still with no memories... You are in Buenos Aires in year 2035 and Victoria, your new friend is helping you find the person in the photo, it's clue you have to recover your memories and understand who you are and why you are here. While in your journey, you'll meet new friends that will help you, new challenging riddles in different location all around the well known city of Buenos Aires, those places will get you closer and closer to meet this special person that can hold answer to your questions. You need to remember who you are. Find out in Reversion - The Meeting, the second chapter of a graphic science-fiction adventure in point’n’click developed by the indie 3f interactive.

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Technical specs

software: Wintermute,
display: raster

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Reversion: Chapter 2 - The Meeting in-game screen.
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