a.k.a. ロボコップ

published by Data East / Ocean in 1989-08-25, developed by Sakata SAS, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: action/reflex, shooter
genre: Science Fiction, Run and Gun
series: RoboCop
setting: Future
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

Official description

A sadistic crime wave is sweeping through old Detroit. The situation is explosive - in fact, it is so bad, a private corporation, O.C.P., has assumed control of the police force. Then, a research team creates an unstoppable, indestructible law enforcement cyborg - named RoboCop. Using a wild assortment of weapons, including RoboCop's Special Issue Auto-9, you must stop every sleazeball criminal you encounter with deadly, piercing accuracy. But beware, there are forces on the street - and within O.C.P. - that will stop at nothing to see RoboCop eliminated. Make your way past 6 levels of street thugs, Boddicker and the powerful ED-209 to your final battle with Dick Jones. Prepare yourself for non-stop action in one of the most explosive games you will ever play. It's going to take more than a cop to clean up the scum of old Detroit - it's going to take RoboCop. "Your move, creep."
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Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

Determining the Year
A bit of the script didn't quite make it to the big screen but was included in the novelisation. A news report says Sylvester Stallone died at the age of 97 from complications of a failed head transplant. This dates the story to 2043 or 2044. BTW, the RoboCop remake will be set in 2046.

RoboCop is an odd type of Cyber Punk. First off, it is pro-authority. Law enforcement are not just the good guys, their ideals and goals are shared by the protagonist and the audience is expected to root for this authority. Robocop dispenses justice against anti-authority punk criminals and usurping authorities. The megacorporation in the story really isn't, yet. Their doing all they can to become an all-powerful above-the-law entity, but their not there yet. In fact, the story, and one of the main enemies of it are a product of of this struggle. Their first step is too buy the Detroit police department. Not bribery, they literally buy it. The organisation, buildings, equipment, and yes, even the people become property of OCP. They hope to create a force of robot to assert authority Detroit. The goal of both protagonist and the megacorpaeration is to fight crime, but only on the surface. Each is actually motivated to enforce authority. OCP's Cyber Punk motives are hampered by a punk. Note the protagonist, RoboCop, is not the punk. The punk in the RoboCop story is actually a middle-executive of the would-be megacorporation, Bob Morton. He's not a software hacker, he's a hardware hacker. He augments Alex Murphy's body to create RoboCop. RoboCop then does all the software hacking in the story, including hacking his own digital and biological software. It eventually takes a bit of social engineering to allow his biological moral code to direct actions that were not allowed by his digital moral code. The decisive battle was not in the streets, it took place in the mind of a cyborg. Digital life vs biological life. Digital life was not defeated, it merely took its rightful place and allowed biological life to take action. Robocop is really its more of a transhumanism story. A struggle to skip dystopian Cyber Punk by transitioning directly into Post Cyber Punk transhumanism where flesh and circuitry coexist for the betterment of mankind. Where the joined machine-man saves us from a dystopian future by preventing the rise of the megacorporation. Robocop a transhumanist messiah. Killed for supporting justice. Raised from the dead. First of the new man exerting proper authority to deliver the world from crime and undesired authority.
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Authors / Staff

Greg Zumwalt

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Mean Machinesuk31990-1250/10050%
Nintendo Magazine System (UK)uk21992-1160/10060%
Player Onefr51991-0180/10080%
The Games Machine Italyit291991-0383/10083%
Tilt 39-113fr841990-1212/2060%

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