Video game concept

You're given rewards for accomplishing something exceptional or impressive, but usually do not convert to an in-game advantage.


Alternate names: Trophies, Badge, Award, Stamp, Medal, Challenge

Children: (unlockable content)
* Characters
* Items / Equipment
... ?
* Preferably only cases where the rewards have impact on gameplay. These however are almost non-existent.
* Preferably not achievements gained from normal play.¹ These however are the standard.

¹) for example: reaching certain population count in city building games, completing a level, beating a mandatory boss battle, etc.

Following rewards are less interesting:
* Unlocked difficulty levels
* Unlocked gameplay modes
* Unlocked story modes
* Unlocked levels
* Trophies with no gameplay impact
* Concept art, making of videos and other fancruft

The first Achievements video game was released in 1997.

Valve, THQ and 2K Games published most of these games.

Parent group

Player awards

Child groups

Functional achievements, Public achievements


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