Difficulty options

Video game concept

Difficulty levelsPlayer has linear choice of game difficulty level, usually ranging from Easy to Normal to Hard.1977 / 20191954 games
Modifiable difficulty aspectsDifficulty level is split into number of aspects, such as monster toughness, allotted time, simulation level of vehicles, and so forth instead of single combined difficulty modifier.1975 / 2018131 games
Automatic difficulty adjustmentThe AI adjusts itself to better match the player's skill level in real-time, becoming easier if the player's faring poorly and harder if better.1986 / 20169 games
Character scaling difficultyDifficulty and/or type of opponents/challenges scales according to the character level or similar measure of ability.1991 / 201439 games
Difficulty: EvaluatedThe game somehow, usually as part of the intro or tutorial segment, evaluates player's skill level and recommends a difficulty setting best suited to provide adequate but not too high challenge.2007 / 20097 games
In-game difficulty level adjustmentPlayer can adjust game difficulty even in the middle of a game.1982 / 2018112 games
Player count adjusted difficultyDifficulty automatically changes with the number of players in game.1991 / 201745 games
Punishing difficultyThere is at least one difficulty option that punishes the player for using it, such as not allowing to play the game through on easiest difficulty.1978 / 201728 games
Single difficulty levelPlayer has no choice of game difficulty level.1978 / 201888 games
Time-based difficultyDifficulty increases with time regardless what the player does, be that nothing at all or defeating every single enemy or other challenge they can find.2013 / 201816 games