a.k.a. Pox Nora

published by Sony Online Entertainment in 2006-08-01, developed by Octopi, running on Windows
type: turn-based, strategy
genre: Card battle, Collectible card game
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player, Internet
languages: eng
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Official description

PoxNora is a collectible, turn-based, tactical, online fantasy game. Players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon relics and equipment of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents.

Key Features:
* Delve into classic turn-based strategy gaming with elements of table top miniatures, chess and TCG style gameplay all wrapped into one
* Choose a side of good, evil, or a little of both through full or split faction play
* Build your collection of runes over time and customize your decks through the rune manager
* Trade any or all of your runes with the entire community
* Battle and wage war against opponents through exciting player vs. player gameplay
* Join in draft tournaments to win prizes
* Earn experience for your champions through single player or pvp gameplay
* Save up and spend virtual gold that you earn after every match to get your hands on runes through the Player Rewards store
* Free – to – play with optional content available for purchase
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* The Savage Tundra (2006-10)
* The Shattered Peaks (2007-01)
* Drums of War (2007-05)
* Skeezick Rebellion (2007-08)
* Grimlic's Descent (2007-12)
* Path To Conquest (2008-05)
* Nora Surge (2008-08)
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Technical specs

display: raster

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