Resource management

Video game concept

4 or more resourcesThere are 4 or more resource types you need to harvest, process and/or generate.1995 / 201638 games
Energy distributionPlayer needs to establish and maintain energy distribution in some manner.1989 / 201868 games
Finite resourcesThe available resources are finite. No regenerating or re-spawning nor external sources for resources.1984 / 201971 games
LogisticsPlayer must build, manage and maintain logistics networks for storage and delivery of resources across their domain and possibly beyond.1983 / 201648 games
Resource acquisitionAny and all tags describing how items, equipment and such are acquired.container group
Resource controlSimply controlling a resource point, structure or such brings those resources to the player, no resource delivery is needed.1998 / 201530 games
Resource processingInvolves processing of resources, converting one resource into another and so forth. Such as ore to ingots, cotton to fabric, flour and water to dough, sugarcane to sugar, etc.1998 / 201931 games
Resource regenerationHarvestable resources regenerate over time. Trees, mushrooms, berries, flowers, etc. grow back. May even go so far as to "grow back" rock, metal, gem, and other non-replenishable resource formations.2007 / 20169 games
UpkeepYour hirelings, projects, or other things require resources to be diverted to them for them to continue working.1990 / 201948 games
Waste managementPlayer needs to establish and maintain waste management in some manner.2003 / 20199 games
Water distributionPlayer needs to establish and maintain water distribution in some manner.1994 / 201625 games