created and published by MECC in 1992, running on Apple II E
type: simulation, manag./econ., strategy, adventure
genre: Historical, Serious game
setting: Past
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng


Players are presented a randomly generated protagonist; a slave during the 1830s. You have no choice in circumstances, skills, equipment, or name provided to you. A back-story is generated and your family members from it might be nearby to offer help or perhaps betray you for a variety of reasons. Two choices are provided, Male or Female and which zone in the southeastern United States the plantation you are held at. The zone represents difficulty level for the game. Some people will act differently to a male or female. The goal is to escape to freedom in the northern states. You might be blessed with literacy, swimming or a variety of other practical skills, or none. Money might come in handy (or not), if you can even get some. Nourishment, stamina, health, and injury level will be important factors to notice. Also the position of the sun during the day and the starts during the night will help, if You know how to use them. Or perhaps which side of the tree the moss is growing on. You will need to keep oriented somehow. If only you could obtain a compass. You will need sleep, food, and rest. If injured, you must tend to yourself somehow. You can also wait, knock on doors to ask for help, run, hide, fight, go around areas, people, houses, rivers and obstacles or go through them (not advised to go through a river if you cant swim). There's three ways to bring the game to an intended conclusion. Make it to freedom, get captured, or get killed.
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display: raster

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Freedom! in-game screen.
Freedom ()
Freedom! (Apple II E)
Freedom! (Apple II E)
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