Premade characters

Video game concept

Player can choose from retinue of premade characters to play as.


The first video game about Premade characters was released in 1984.

Infocom, Blizzard and Blizzard Entertainment has published most of these games

* Premade protagonist - same as this, except there's no choices.
* Multiple protagonists
* Class-based - in case each character represents a separate class
* Species choice - occasionally several of the characters represent separate species.
- Possibility to modify (during play) the character or characters to suit your playing style or preferences is irrelevant.

- Gender choice is not enough, they have to be separate characters.
- If the different choices are character "classes" or "jobs", then this should not apply either. However, do consider the possibility of one character per class instead of one character with a number of class choices.

Tentative limitations: (a.k.a. may need to be discussed)
- Vs Fighting games should probably not apply as this is the norm in them.

If these characters are tied to different storylines that overrule each other, use alternate campaigns alone instead.