The Book of Unwritten Tales

published by Nordic Games Publishing / Lace Mamba in 2009-04-02, developed by King Art, running on Windows
type: adventure
genre: Humorous, Fantasy, Point-and-click adventure
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng ger
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The first thing you notice when looking at this game are the excellent visuals. The scenes are packed with details and in a style that makes you wonder if you're dealing with cartoony 3D models or hand-drawn backgrounds. And as it turns out, the developer is using both of these techniques, meshing them so skillfully that the transitions are practically indiscernable. The way characters and other real-time rendered objects integrate into the environment is stunning as well. In a fantasy world ravaged by war, an elderly gremlin guards an artifact that can decide the fate of the world; an army of darkness trys to snatch it and crosses paths with three heroes, who stumbled into the adventure by accident earlier. By the time you find out that the artifact guardian is named Mortimer MacGuffin, it should have become clear that the story itself is not what the game is really all about. It's designed to be a parody taking place in the world of adventure, RPG and fantasy. If The Lord of The Rings, Indiana Jones or World of Warcraft mean anything to you, you will immediately appreciate the rich game world, with references, allusions, gags and self-irony lurking around every corner. Filled with weird characters and dark humour, it features four playable characters who must each use their different skills to solve various challenges, including some that can only be achieved by working together as a team. The protagonists include the little gnome Wilbur; the elf princess Ivo; a human adventurer named Nate; and The Critter, a shaggy creature that Nate adopted on one of his journeys and hasn't stopped trotting behind him ever since. Players can switch the controllable character at any time, and depending on which character is selected, the game even promises alternate solutions to certain puzzles. It includes more than 150 puzzles and approximately 200 different items to interact with, all within a semi-linear structure that allows players to solve various tasks in any order.

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2009 Germany
2011 UK
2012? worldwide

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Technical specs

software: OGRE,
display: _ (mixed), raster, textured polygons

External review - average: 82%

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