A Game of Dwarves

published by Paradox Interactive in 2012-10-23, developed by Zeal Game Studio, running on Windows
type: strategy
genre: Fantasy, God game
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng ger
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Personal review

Con una jugabilidad que recuerda al Dwarf Fortress, esta mezcla entre el Dungeon Keeper y el Minecraft es un gran juego, sencillo en su base pero complicado y muy entretenido.

Nota: Cada enano deja una lápida al morir de forma similar a los Worms.

7 de 10

# 2014-07-16 22:31:01

Official description

A Dwarven Prince on a quest to reclaim his people’s stolen land will take you on a great journey. Explore a continent filled with buried treasures and unearth mysteries that lie hidden since the Great War. Take charge of your Dwarven settlement while mining, exploring and utilizing your resources with a combination of strategy and management.

Order the inhabitants of a Dwarven settlement to dig, build and conduct research in order to strengthen the clan. Be careful though because you must defend your Dwarves from the terrible beasts that lie in the depths. A unique world is generated each time a new level starts, so you will need to dynamically adapt your strategies and tactics during each session.

As you advance, the Dwarves will level up and gain new skills; progressing from weak dwarvlings to near immortal warriors or master craftsmen. There are also rare resources to be found deeper in the earth that grant access to better buildings and equipment. However, the deeper you dig the more dangerous foes you might unleash...

* Explore – The randomly generated maps offer replayability while also providing a sense of exploration
* Build – customize your settlement with not only practical constructions, but beautiful ones too! Build objects you think look great, while still gaining progress. Home is where the art is.
* Command – With an intuitive order system the player can easily control oodles of dwarves simultaneously without the need for extensive micro management
# 2013-09-14 07:48:40 - official description

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

External review - average: 60%

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