Screen shake

Video game concept


Alternate names: Camera shake
Name variations: Screen shaking, Camera shaking

The first video game about Screen shake was released in 1991.

Sega, THQ and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

* Distorted vision
* Involuntary actions - in first person games this may involve screen being controlled.
* Haptic feedback

* Quake
* Footsteps of immense creatures, or generally large/heavy objects falling nearby
* Damage impact
* Fall impact
* Being jostled
* Being startled/frightened
* Explosions, especially large or nearby ones
In older games this was commonly the only feedback besides sound that there's an earthquake or similar going on.

This is not for the actual display device shaking (if there even are any instances of such), but can be included if noted on its unique nature.

Note that the shaking may or may not include the HUD.