a.k.a. ōdi∙um / odium / Gorky 18 / Gorky 17

published by Linux Game Publishing in 2006-07-15, developed by Hyperion Entertainment / Metropolis Software House, running on Linux
type: strategy, role-play
genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Tactical RPG
series: Gorky
setting: Future
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng fre ger spa
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ID: 20
The LGP Copy Protection (DRM) was added at some point.
Demo available. Requires Linux kernel 2.2.x+, glibc-2.1+, X, 300MHz x86, or PPC CPU, 64MB RAM, 500MB HD, 2x CD-Rom, 4MB video card, OSS Compatible sound card.

The Linux version is not on Steam. It is the Windows version being sold as a Linux game. However, the current development team has access to the source code (documented in Polish). So a real Linux update may yet be offered on Steam.
(Zerothis) - # 2010-01-29 19:29:01

Technical specs

display: _ (mixed), raster, textured polygons

Authors / Staff


Achim Heidelauf (product development manager)
Bartosz Brzostek (project management)
Grzegorz Miechowski (projectmanagement)
Timothy De Groote (project manager)


Achim Heidelauf (box design)
Achim Heidelauf (manual design)
Adrian Chmielarz (game design)
Bartosz Brzostek (program design)
Christian Bigalk (box design)
Christian Bigalk (manual design)
Elena Hernández Alba (box design)
Elena Hernández Alba (manual design)
Grzegorz Miechowski (game design)
Jarek Kowalski (program design)
Michal Doniec (game design)
Michaz Sadowski (user interface design)
Nick Merling (box design)
Nick Merling (manual design)
Otton Laskowski (game design)
Pawel Ruszkiewicz (user interface design)
Pawel Siomek (user interface design)


Andrzej Chomiak (programming)
Bartosz Brzostek (programming)
Dariusz Rusin (programming)
Jarek Kowalski (programming)
Joe Tennis 'rotund' (programming)
Richard Drummond (programming)
Steven Fuller (programming)


Artur Miros (character animation)
Irek Konior (texturing)
Matthew Cole (additional artwork)
Michal Doniec (lead character animation)
Michal Kosieradzki (character animation)
Pawel Smyla (character animation)

level designer

Andreas Jäger 'Bill' (level end design)


Adam Skorupa (music)
Adam Skorupa (sound fx)


Artur Miros (video cutscenes)
Krzysztof Krawczyk (video cutscenes)
Marcin Krawczyk (video cutscenes)
Michaz Sadowski (video cutscenes)
Pawel Ruszkiewicz (video cutscenes)


[company] Brainhaus GmbH & Co. KG (voice recording)


Arnevi Aulanko (translation)
Kevin Decker (translation)
Patricia Bellantuono 'Babeee' (localization)
Ronnie Shankland (translation)
Ulrich Smidt (translation)


'cyberlenin' (beta tester)
'Jason' (beta tester)
'LavaDevil94' (beta tester)
'Pepe' (beta tester)
'tmz‑x' (beta tester)
Achim Heidelauf (lead qa)
Al Alkini Koskelin 'Alkini' (beta tester)
Anna Nowak (beta testing)
Bartek Makowski (beta testing)
Clayton Cornell (beta tester)
Dan Mccombs (beta tester)
Daniel Dufner (beta tester)
David Hedbor (beta tester)
Dimitri Teresh (beta tester)
Eric Vogel (beta tester)
Franz Pletz (beta tester)
Frode Haugsgjerd (beta tester)
Gareth Bentley (production qa)
Grzegorz Miechowski (qa management)
Jay Swackhamer (beta tester)
Jeff Craig (beta tester)
Karo Launonen (beta tester)
Keith Constable (beta tester)
M. Ignacio Monge Garcïa (beta tester)
Matthew Johnson (beta tester)
Michal Doniec (qa management)
Michal Hubicki (beta testing)
Michal Spáda (beta tester)
Olaf Swierzycki (beta testing)
Otton Laskowski (qa management)
Palle Raabjerg (beta tester)
Pawel Sabaj (beta testing)
Piotr Golik (beta testing)
Rafal Wasilewski 'Wasyl' (beta testing)
Ronny Dressler (beta tester)
Scott Call (beta tester)
Tobias Neumann (beta tester)
Wes Frazier (beta tester)
Zach Borgerding (beta tester)
Zachary J. Slater (beta tester)


'Ju' (special thanks)
'Tim' (special thanks)
Alexandra Jäger 'Bügi' (special thanks)
Frank Müller (special thanks)
Georg Backer 'Rogerisland' (special thanks)
Igor Hoffmeister 'Russe' (special thanks)
Ingo Ruhnke (special thanks)
Patricia Bellantuono 'Babeee' (special thanks)
Sigi Sorg 'THE man' (special thanks)
Ulrich Smidt (special thanks)


Alexandra Jäger 'Bügi' (pr)
Andrzej Poznanski (special effects)
Artur Miros (special effects)
Esther Manga (pr)
Joachim Bartsch (language direction)
Krzysztof Krawczyk (background)
Marcin Krawczyk (background)
Michael Simms (phb)
Michał Nowak (background)
Michaz Sadowski (background)
Otton Laskowski (background)
Pawel Siomek (special effects)
Robert Samoraj (background)

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