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Quarries of Scred

created and published by Darkest Kale in 2014, running on Linux
type: platformer, strategy, puzzle
genre: Science Fiction, Boulder Dash-like
perspective: bird's-eye (dimetric)
player options: single player
game engine: Custom
languages: eng

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Bob is a bad guy. He works in the Quarries of Scred to pay off his debts. A working teleporter will allow Bob to escape his debts. But should Bob just escape, when Bob can be greedy by escaping with his hard earned credits without turning them over to his debtors? Don't get smashed by falling rocks when being greedy.

Gameplay shares many similarities with Boulder Dash but is much more in depth. Shop for equipment, Use mines and lasers to clear rocks. Lasers need batteries. Chose from many retro tilesets to experience the game.
zerothis # 2014-09-01 22:58:50
Game Author comment
I'm CNIAngel and I didn't make Quarries of Scred. I am in the credits because I made a few art assets for it. I merely helped out. The real creator is Noble Kale of
# 2014-08-31 23:26:50 - game Author comment - Myself - 1 reply
Technical specs
display: Monotone, raster
Authors / Staff


Noble Kale (developer)


CNIAngel (art)
EricHermit (art)
Jay the Robot (art)
TakeNapEveryDay (art)
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