Harvest: Massive Encounter

created and published by Oxeye Game Studio in 2008-03, running on Windows
type: strategy
genre: Science Fiction, Tower Defense
setting: Future
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: dut eng fre ger kor swe other
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Official description

Harvest: Massive Encounter is an award-winning arcade real-time strategy game for Mac OS X and Windows with battles of epic proportions and a unique style of resource management and exploration. In this 2D fantasy you take on the role as the base commander of a space colony far, far away, and must use five building types in a creative way to efficiently expand and defend it. Build power plants, mineral harvesters and defense towers and make sure they have sufficient energy to fend off endless hordes of evil aliens. The game offers a vast array of possible strategies with these simple rules, and will compel you to try new and better base designs every time.
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All but the Wave game mode lack ending, all others endlessly increase difficulty and the number of aliens that appear with each wave until your defences are finally overpowered. The goal is to survive as many waves as possible for as long as possible. Made difficult by the need to expand your base to gather more resources, though made slightly easier by linking the laser towers for increased damage and range, so they never really lose their usefulness.
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Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

* Haphaestus
... Unique aliens: Teleporter, Flea
... Conditions: normal
* Poseidon
... Unique aliens: Monocle
... Conditions: strong winds throw aliens around; wind direction and areas where they work are largely static
* Ares
... Unique aliens: Energy Sapper
... Conditions: massive holes in the terrain limit building and alien invasion possibilities

* Laser tower links grant immediate range bonus, but the damage bonus takes half a second or so to bring up each link online. Damage tolerance for most aliens caps at around 8500%, so linking more towers (after the first or second link) for damage is no longer efficient (range bonus is still useful, though), build another linked tower network instead.
* You will never defend your base with a single massive linked laser, no matter how it covers the whole map (caused by limited rotation speed).
* Each linked tower grants 50% damage boost and 13% range boost.
* Unlinked towers are still useful on the front lines, especially against Gehenna shuttles.
* Overcharging an energy link costs you only 2 resources and easily destroys over 20 aliens. Especially useful when your defences are about to be overrun. Redirect energy output to the overcharged link. However, overusing this can deprive your regular base defences of energy to operate, so don't abuse it!
* Tweak those attack priorities!
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