Companies with name starting with 'p'

Perpetual Pyramid 15activeUS20122011/2014Paul Paterson's experimental outlet of open source games & development tools …
Persona Software 21995/1995
Personal Computer World 51983/1984
Personal Software 17deadUS197619841978/1996Personal Software was an early personal computer software publisher. It was founded …
Persuasive Games 1Our games influence players to take action through gameplay. Games...they not only …
Peterson Computer Services 5activeUS19821982/1982Founded by Joseph Peterson. Originally made TRS-80 games then later did Java and …
Petit 31995/1996
Petite Games 102015/2017
Petra 51996/1997
Petroglyph Games 15activeUS20032006/2019HQ: Las Vegas, NV Formed by former Westwood employees when Electronic Arts merged …
PF Magic 8boughtUS199119981992/2002
PG Corp 31991/1991
PGD 31985/1987
Phantagram 8KOR2001/2012Phantagram was founded in 1994 by CEO SangYoun Lee. In 2004, the company won the …
Phantom Compass 4active2014/2017Website:
Phantom EFX 92000/2010
Phantomery Interactive 2activeRU2008/2010HQ: St. Petersburg Website:
Phantomsoft 21984/1984
Phantoom Entertainment 22010/2010
Phase 2 11986/1986
Phelios 22008/2009
Phenomedia Publishing 381998/2008
Phenomic Game Development 3boughtDE20062003/2007Bought by EA on 2006-08-23 and renamed to EA Phenomic.
Philip Morris 51990/1991
Philips 217NL197819961978/2008
Philko 51988/1990
Phillips 71994/1996
Phipps Associates 151983/1984
Phobic Studios 32013/2013
Phoenix Games Group 130deadNL1999/2009A European publisher & developer of 3rd party & in-house games. The focus on budget …
Phoenix Online Studios 122013/2016
Phoenix Software 141981/1984
Phoenix Studio 22005/2005
Phosphor Games 62011/2016
Phr00t Software 92012/2016
Pi Eye Games 3activeUK20042007/2007HQ: Lincoln, England Website:
Pi Studios 32010/2010
Piacci 52007/2017
Pias 21997/1999
Piccadilly Software 51981/1982
Pick & Choose 51988/1989
Picmatic 21993/1994
Pie in the Sky Software 2nomoregamesUS198720031992/1993Pie in the Sky Software was a game and software development company located in Fairport …
Pieces Interactive 62008/2015
Piga Software 32009/2011
PikPok 112009/2014
PIL 91995/2011
Pink Pointer
Pinky Soft 31990/1990
362 companies.

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