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10 out of 10 Educational Systems 51993/1994
8bits Fanatics 52012/2014
Able 4activeJP19861986/2004
Accent Publications 101983/1984
Adeline Software International 9deadFR199320041994/2002Subsidiary of Delphine Software.
Advance Communication Company 20JP1987/1993
Adventure International 185deadUSA197919851978/1990Founded by Scott Adams in 1979, went bankrupt in 1985.
Aicom 19deadJP198919961988/2015
Aki Corporation 102000/2009
Aladdin Automation 1US1979/1979
Alphabatim 21985/1985
AlphaDream 12activeJP20002001/2017Japanese video game development company founded in 2000 by Tetsuo Mizuno in Tokyo …
Alternative Software 254activeUK19851983/2014
Animation F/X 2AU1992/1994
Animation Magic 51993/1996
Applications Software Specialists 41984/1984
Argus Press Software 61dead1981/198880's computer games developer.
Armati 21985/1985
Artematica Entertainment 16IT19962001/2009
ASC Games 29deadUS199220001991/2004
ASCII 316boughtJP197720081981/2010ASCII Corporation was a publishing company based in Tokyo, Japan. It became a subsidiary …
Astar International 21980/1980Hardware: Octa Stick II - Astar International …
Astonishing Animations 21991/1991
Atom Mobile Applications 1UK
Automated Simulations 471978/1991Precursor to Epyx.
Avant-Garde Creations 7US1981/1983
Beam Software 183deadAU198020001982/1999Founded as subsidiary of Melbourne House in 1980, by Alfred Milgrom and Naomi Besen …
Big Fat Simulations 4
Bit Corp 35TW1981/1991Bit Corporation was a Taiwanese game developer and console manufacturer. Bit …
Bits Corporation 171980/2016
Bizarre Creations 33boughtUK199420101991/2010Owned by Vivendi
Blitter Animations 11987/1987
Bolt Creative 352009/2015
Bonsai Interactive Corporation 21999/2001
Boston Animation 22002/2002
BSX International 91988/1991
Budcat Creations 112002/2011
BUG International 21993/1993
Burut 9activeRU2001/2011Website:
Callisto Corporation 61984/1995
CCS 94UK198219921982/1992Cases Computer Simulations
Ceative Software
Century Communications 71983/1986
Cinmatix 21999/1999
Cognetics 31986/1986
Compile 137activeJP198419971983/2002
Cosmi 61activeUS1982/2012
CPC Amstrad International 6deadDE198519931986/1992German magazine for the CPC and PCW. Name changed several times: CPC Schneider …
Craig Communications 11984/1984

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