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1001 Software Development 41988/1995
221B Software Developments 10dead1991/1993
7th Level 17nomoregamesUSA19971994/1997Has merged with 'Pulse Entertainment' in 1997 to create 'P7 Solutions'.
Aegis Development 41985/1987
Amphibius Developers
Arc Developments 63UK1989/1997
Awesome Developments 51999/2004
Banana Development 9deadUS1987/1990
Bizarre Developments 51990/1992
Clever Beans 22012/2012
Climax Group 100activeUK19881991/2018Founder: Karl Jeffery Website:
CTA Developments 41991/1996
Dark Legion Developers 22006/2006
Defiant Development 112011/2017
Devespresso Games 22017/2017
Digital Developments 31992/1994
Distinctive Developments 21998/1998
DnS Development 4activeDE19962009/2013HQ: Bremen Website:
Double Eleven 21activeUK20092011/2016Founder: Lee Hutchinson Website:
Eleven Software 21992/1992
Enigma Software Developments 81991/2013Not the same as Enigma Software Productions.
Eurocom 87deadUK198820121990/2018
Evelend Games 22012/2012
Event Horizon Software 6name changedUS199019931990/2000Renamed in 1993 to DreamForge.
Everplay 32012/2013
Eversim 2activeFR20042008/2012Founded by former Silmarils peeps. Website:
Forever Entertainment 51PL2013/2018
Freelance Development 21993/1994
Freeverse 541996/2013
Frontier Developments 39activeUS19931995/2017Frontier Developments was founded around 1993 to help with the development of the …
Funatics Development 22001/2002
Gathering of Developers 381998/2004
GHA Games Developers 1PK
Greve Graphics 41986/1987
International Development Group 11989/1989
Just Add Water Developments 13activeUK20062009/2016
KID 114deadJP198820061989/2013Filed for bankruptcy in 2006, all intellectual property moved to CyberFront. …
Level 5 62008/2017
Level 9 Computing 198deadUK198119911982/1991
Level Eight 22011/2012
Level up Labs 52012/2012
Level Up! Games 32005/2007
Level-10 61981/1981
Level-5 42activeJP19982000/2015Level-5 Inc. レベルファイ Founder: Akihiro Hino Website: http://www …
Levels or Lives 32014/2014
Massive Development 3deadDE199420051996/2003
Midway Studios Los Angeles 81996/2005Not to be confused with Paradox Development Studio.
Monarch Development 41988/1991
Neverland 24JP19931993/2012
Neversoft 56boughtUS199420141996/2011founded in 1994 by 3 employees of Malibu Interactive (Acme Interactive). Activision …

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